Automotive Maintenance

Posted on May 6, 2020 in Automotive Maintenance

A perfectly tuned, well-maintained car is audible; it has almost a melodic, pleasant hum. So when something starts to go wrong, the sound of the vehicle is often one of the first clues to most drivers that there’s trouble brewing. Knocks, bangs, and grinding are all indications of issues that, if left unaddressed, can become […]

Question: My Check Engine light is on and my boyfriend thinks he can get the code read and know what part to replace to fix my vehicle. I say it’s not that . Who’s right? Gurney’s Automotive Repair Inc Answer: Good news—you are! Just look at it logically: there are hundreds of things that can […]

What goes into a car’s auto repair is a very vague question. One could argue that you go in a car. Groceries go into a trunk. Many different things can go in a car, but not as many go into making a car drive. For instance, oil, coolant, and gas are all liquids that go […]

Posted on May 30, 2017 in Automotive Maintenance

For many car aficionados, car detailing is a regular occurrence. For the average Joe, however, getting your car detailed is something that only happens on occasion. Which begs the question, “why?” Car detailing is something that can make or break your car’s value in the long run. Though it seems like an extra service outside […]

Posted on May 8, 2017 in Automotive Maintenance, Automotive Repair

As the summer months approach, having your vehicle ready for the heat is key to making sure that you can get to your destination in comfort. Spring is the perfect time to make sure that your windows, AC, and any other needs work in your car. The AC is especially useful when heatwaves kick in. […]

Posted on April 17, 2017 in Automotive Maintenance, Automotive Repair

Sure, we at Gurney’s Automotive offer top-notch service and auto repair in NH, but we also love to take care of our customers on a different level. In addition to our Customer Appreciation Card, we have the Bosch© Service Credit Card available for those who are interested in driving now and paying later. There are […]

Posted on June 5, 2016 in Automotive Maintenance, Automotive Repair, Tires

Usually, when we find we are having car troubles, it is usually more than just one, single “fix”, especially after getting out of the winter season. Gurney’s Automotive Repair has been helping our customers with nearly any problem that comes their way, but an expense where you might be able to save some money is […]

Posted on May 25, 2016 in Automotive Maintenance, LEER Truck Caps

Technical and construction careers often need a truck that will be able to stand up to the wear and tear of the everyday job. Gurney’s Automotive has been installing LEER truck caps on our customers’ trucks long enough to know they help make their jobs easier than ever before. There’s a reason they are a […]

Posted on May 15, 2016 in Automotive Maintenance, Oil Change, Tires

We might’ve lucked out with a milder winter in New England, but it doesn’t mean your vehicle doesn’t need it’s usual spring TLC! Gurney’s Automotive has been working with locals year after year for their auto repair needs in NH, and we often are fixing some of these car problems to help prevent bigger accidents […]

Posted on April 30, 2016 in Automotive Maintenance, Oil Change

Gurney’s Automotive has worked with drivers for years that ignore the suggested mileage for an oil change in NH on their car because heck, life gets in the way. We know making time out of your business schedule for it seems difficult, and then it slips our minds completely. If you can’t remember the last […]

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