When You Need an Oil Change in NH

Posted on April 30, 2016

Oil change in NH from Gurney'sGurney’s Automotive has worked with drivers for years that ignore the suggested mileage for an oil change in NH on their car because heck, life gets in the way. We know making time out of your business schedule for it seems difficult, and then it slips our minds completely. If you can’t remember the last time you had your oil changed, and was wondering when you should, here are a few signs.

How to Know it’s Time for an Oil Change in NH

The oil looks discolored. If you have ever seen oil being used in a car, it is an amber color with a thin consistency. When your oil has become dark and thick, you should make an appointment with your local auto shop to have it replaced.

There’s a drop in oil level. An engine will use significantly more oil when it isn’t functioning properly, so if you notice a sudden drop in oil it is time to inspect your oil to check its color and consistency.

Your engine is making loud noises. Your engine is a lubricated machine, and if it is low on oil (likely caused by a drop in oil level if your oil is the problem) then there’s a chance you will here grinding sound, which indicates oil-related troubles.

Your check engine light is on. Of course, there are always multiple factors to a check engine line being on, but the issues caused by old oil can result in some serious engine damage! Never ignore a check engine light to avoid larger mechanical problems.

If you’re searching for an automotive shop to get your oil changed in NH, Gurney’s Automotive is a great option for you. We make our shop comfortable for our customers so your stay is an enjoyable as possible. Set up an appointment with us today, call us in Nashua at (603) 886-5800 or Milford at (603) 249-5552.

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