Benefits of Owning A Bosch© Service Credit Card

Posted on April 17, 2017

Sure, we at Gurney’s Automotive offer top-notch service and auto repair in NH, but we also love to take care of our customers on a different level. In addition to our Customer Appreciation Card, we have the Bosch© Service Credit Card available for those who are interested in driving now and paying later. There are plenty of benefits to this wonderful card, so allow us to elaborate!

  • The Bosch Service Credit Card Helps Cut Costs

Anyone who has owned a vehicle that needed repairs knows it may become an unexpected cost. To help ease the burden, the Bosch© Service Credit Card offers special financing to provide extra income that will help pay for any services that may be required for your vehicle.

  • Easy Application

With a minimum purchase of $299 and about a minute of application, the Bosch© Service Credit Card will be yours! Plus, the application does not necessarily have to be in our shop. The card is available to apply from our website as well for your convenience. When you are approved, you can use the card the very same day!

  • NO Interest If Paid within 6 Months and No Annual Fee

One of the reasons this card can be so beneficial is because Bosch gives you 6 months without interest. So, pay off your bill within those 6 months, and it is like you’re borrowing the money for free! Also, with the Bosch© Service Credit Card, an additional annual fee is not a concern. There are no annual fees here, which always is a relief and will save you plenty of money. You never know when you need an extra chunk of change.

These are just a few reasons you should apply for the Bosch© Service Credit Card. We are proud of our partnership with Bosch© and love helping our customers. For more information about the card or our auto repair in NH, give us a call at (603)-886-5800 or visit our website here!

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