We are dedicated to the quality of the service we provide and we stand behind every repair.

Because of this commitment, we provide a 2 year or 24k mile warranty on all our repairs.

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We only employ fully qualified, highly skilled technicians to work on your automobile.

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Founded in February of 1985, Gurney’s has been voted Nashua's #1 Automotive service 7 years running.

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Gurney’s Automotive Repair, the award-winning, independent, family-owned auto repair shop in Nashua and Milford NH, is committed to outstanding customer service and high-quality repairs and maintenance. Our team of ASE-certified technicians and advisors provide exceptionally skilled auto care that optimizes your vehicle’s dependability and durability. Though our training, equipment and tools are state-of-the-art, we don’t mind being old-fashioned when it comes to values—honesty and integrity have been at the heart of everything we do since 1985. Driven by our Core Values and Rules of the Road, we treat you the way we would want to be treated if we were on the other side of the counter, and never push services or repairs you don’t want or need!

Do you need an oil change? An NH state inspection? Tires or tire services? Full-scale engine or electrical repairs? Fleet services? Our expert technicians undergo continuing education to stay current with the increasingly complicated computers, sensors, and electronic systems on the latest models. We also use the latest technology to diagnose issues quickly, saving you time, hassle, and money, and back all work with our industry-leading 2-year/24,000-mile warranty.

In addition to the detailed attention we give your vehicle, our service advisors focus on you and your needs to build custom solutions that work for you. Our second-to-none customer service also includes a customer appreciation program to thank you for your loyalty, complimentary shuttle service and low-cost loaner cars for those on the go, and a clean, comfortable waiting area if you choose to wait for your vehicle.

For a repair shop that always goes the extra step for you and your vehicle, call Gurney’s Automotive Repair in Nashua at 603-886-5800 or Milford at 603-249-5552, or contact us online today!

Nashua Reviews

  • Briana Winslow

    Trusted service, honest people.

    Timber Hill Farm

    My car broke down during the heatwave the other day while I was down in Nashua for an appointment. I called AAA for a tow, I live an hour and 15 min away and did not know the area. AAA suggested to try Gurney's I called them and they were super busy, I explained my situation and said they would assess my car and move somethings around to get me home 🙂 Tow dropped me off I walked in and the A/C was cranking which felt so good. Jessica greeted me, she was super friendly and told me to make myself comfortable grab a cold water etc... Needles to say this place is amazing, they looked at my car told me the problem ordered that part and fixed up my car in little over an hour! They said they would get me home and they did!!!!! I highly recommend taking your car here! Everyone is friendly the service is great!!!!! Thank you again Gurney's for getting me home!!!!! They even texted to see how my car is doing!

    Brian Hall

    Gurney's can really be hit or miss and it seems to depend on who your technician is and how busy they are. They had my truck all day today and couldn't do something as simple as change a headlamp bulb on a 2016 Dodge Ram 1500. They told me they would have to disassemble and remove the entire grill. Apparently they never heard of the access hatch above the wheel well that gives you access to the retaining clip, or about the two 10mm hex heads that hold the housing in. I'd do it myself but don't have a long enough wrench extension. But if the tech doesn't know how to change a headlight bulb, can you feel confident with him doing any other work?

    Daniel Sunderland (Dan)

    Very friendly and highly professional. I've now returned for a second visit and had another great experience. Prices are reasonable and techs are clearly very knowledgeable.

  • Zappa Zowie

    Gurney's Automotive Repair of Nashua is of the most detail oriented and professional full service auto repair businesses I have ever used.The greeting of each individual customer is met with a refreshing hospitality which is noteworthy. This immediately puts one at ease and also shows a high standard which is immeasurable.The staff are highly knowledgeable and have a stability without a high turnover. This creates a consistency with exceptional service.Gurney's is a collective staff that is honest, thorough with the highest level of care and professionalism. I have always left with confidence with their work.I highly recommend Gurney's for anyone seeking quality and confidence for the full spectrum of automotive needs.

    Phyllis Gouin

    Fantastic Establishment -- great people and always helpful!!!

    Michael Smith

    very polite and professional ty

    Jacki Blake

    Such a wonderful experience! If I lived in the area, I’d be using this garage for all my repairs. Long story short, my engine died, they gave me a diagnostic and let me know what I was looking at. Joe was fantastic! He was so patient with me and answered my millions of questions, super helpful. Friendly staff all around.

  • Phil H

    I have been a customer of Gurney's for over 30 years. Great people and quality service. I consider them family because that is how they treat me.

    Jayde Gaffney

    They are great!! Best repair shop in the area for sure

    william gousios

    Brought my car in for service, Joe was incredibly helpful! Really quick turn around as well. Hands down one of the best shops ive been to

    Timothy Corkery

    Always great service with a human touch.

  • M C

    Mark at Gurney’s has always been fantastic to deal with. He knows how picky I am about my vehicles. Owning my own business I expect what I give my customers and I get that at Gurney’s.Mike ComerComer’s Carpet and Flooring

    Kirstin L

    I've been going to Gurneys for a very long time now. My Daddio first discovered it way back when and ever since then, he and I have been leaving the keys to our point A to point B mobiles in the hands of any & all who work there!! The entire staff (well, at least everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting) is beyond great on every point of customer service.It's actually a fun place to go to knowing that your vehicle has a boo boo!😜 Because they will be honest & upright with what the dealio is with your vehicle; therefore never once did either of us think that we should have gone somewhere else!!Criminy, it never even passed our minds wondering if elsewhere might even be cheaper because their prices ARE reasonable, they're all VERY knowledgeable and so, because they are dedicated to us, we've stayed dedicated to them! THANKS GURNEYS for all the years and many more to come!! <--They do inspections, oil changes, etc... It hasn't always been a "boo boo visit!" And that's why I'm thankful to have good, honest, professionals who I can depend on for my A-B care!!🙂💓🙋

    Steve Coburn

    They helped my girlfriend out and she was very pleased with them,,,I'd say give them a try next time

    Mike Stholair

    I love this place very nice people. Always follow up with work to make sure your vehicle is ok. They have loaner cars and can also pick up your vehicle and drop it off after work is complete.

  • Steve Aitken

    Amazing service

    Kayla Lanagan

    The BEST. Both in auto care and the kind professionalism of their team. I can not recommend highly enough. The place is spotless and they truly care about each customer.

    Andrea Brooks

    They do good!!!

    Timothy Gibbs

    While Gurneys may be a little more expensive then the competition their service is far superior. I brought my car (which I had just performed a lot of work on myself) for an alignment and axle replacement. I then drove the car on the highway and found it was still pulling. I called Gurneys back to have it aligned again because I figured it must not have been done right. The staff in Nashua felt bad that I had to bring it back and made sure that they got to it as quickly as possible.After putting it up on the alignment rack they realized the alignment was not the problem however instead of just blaming the steering pull to all the suspension work I had done, which is what many mechanics would have done, they spent hours trying to figure out the problem. It turned out that the problem was actually my tires. When I came back to pick up my car they didn’t even charge me for all the time they spent on it!I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a good honest and knowledgeable mechanic.

  • Andrew LeBlanc

    Had a fantastic experience with this garage! Cannot say enough good things about them. They were professional, courteous, and informative. I was nervous bringing in my car to them, thinking it would cost me minimum $1500 for repairs, but it was only a fraction of that! They sent me a detailed report of what needed to be repaired (which I have never received from any other garage), and were even nice enough to text and call me when the repairs were done. I would highly recommend this garage to anyone.

    Kyle Lewis

    They were friendly, prompt, and honest. No pressure for additional repairs. Loved how they took pictures of the inspection and emailed it to me (though it was very sad to see how bad my car was under hood!). Definitely recommend.

    Kathryn Akins

    Good prices and nice people.

    Dave Lang.

    Well treated and they will work with you to solve the issues you may have with your vehicle. Best in region as far as I'm concerned.

  • Patrick Moran

    Gurney’s Auto has really embraced modern technology and provides their techs with iPads to complete their multi point inspection which provides a great customer experience and detailed descriptions along with photos. I was extremely impressed with this and felt like it was a very unique level of service. The staff makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk through that door and provides some ease to what can be a large unexpected expense. We highly recommend This family owned business every opportunity we get!!

    Rayssa Barros

    I don’t recommend this place. They told me my car needs a new engine and it didn’t. Also very expensive to just give a diagnostic. Don’t take your car there.

    Bruce Ouellette

    Excellent service and very fair pricing ! Was very happy.

    Steven N

    Been going to Gurney's for almost a year. Had to have car towed down from Center Ossipee, my reason for the long tow, although I have a garage for emergencies in Ossipee felt like my car needed to be at home Gurney's. Dropped car off at 4:30pm by the next morning at 9:30am car was up and running new serptine belt and battery. Both I was made aware from prior visits it was getting time to change both. Phase 2 of my story while picking up my car we dropped off my girlfriend car. She had a loud thumping noise passenger side front. Mechanic in Burlington told her she needed all new strutts for $1500 repair. He was wrong $288 later both sway bars and a oil change. She now has a unbelievable trust in Gurney's.

  • Raymond Oberholtzer

    Gurney's may not be the cheapest but it is definitely the best and even living in Northwood NH, I will still take my vehicle's to them. Been going there for 30 years. Thanks Bill.

    Lorraine LoRusso

    I'm looking for a new place to service my car having just moved to Nashua. They are very pleasant but expect to pay at least double for any service and they may find things "wrong" with your car that may not really be needed. I wanted an oil change, for which I've never spent more than $25. It cost me $44. They incorrectly told me I needed brake pads, calipers and rotors in the front to the tune of $800. I went to the Ford dealer and they told me my calipers are just fine. Total brake job cost me $300 for front--at a dealership, no less. There were a few other things they wanted to do like replace the brake fluid which they said was very dirty and could effect brake operation. Ford said it was just fine. Also, they told me I needed a bulb replaced but when I tested it, it worked fine. I was very disappointed in their costly and excessive charges. Maybe they saw a woman come in and figured I wouldn't know anything.

    George Carrion

    Excellent Service

    Kimberly G

    First visit today - I'll be back!

  • A D

    First time going here and it wont be my last. The most helpfully humans ever. Super nice, super easy and they dont screw you over. I thought I needed more work to be done to my car and they could have easily been like "oh ya ya you need this and that" nope! they were honest and amazing. highly recommend this place.

    Cory Day

    They are kinda expensive but are very customer oriented they will send you photos of the work they do.

    Amanda Messinger

    I have been going to Gurney's for at least 10 years. When I moved, I was forced to go to different places, but was unable to find the kind of service that Gurney's provided. I have had nothing but problems with my car since I started taking it to different places. I recently had a problem and needed to have my car towed as it wouldn't start. I went back to Gurney's and they fixed it for me in a timely manner and with the friendly service I always remembered. I will NEVER go anywhere else again to have my car serviced. No one treats you better than Gurney's!

    Dominique Dube

    Slippery when wet.

  • Rachel Buckley

    They rock they always provide great service at reasonable prices

    Joyce Oberholtzer

    Can always trust gurney automotive. Never feel they are doing work that doesn't need to be done. Best place ever!


    I am sad to say, after 10 years of using Gurney’s for my automotive needs, I am finally walking away.My experience with them has always been good, but something has changed and I cannot pinpoint the exact reason why. Scotty was a guy I worked with a lot. He was great! Super good at explaining what my car needed and never seemed to push me into repairing fixes I didn’t have to do at that moment. I don't know if he is even there anymore.On this visit, which I will explain more later, the report they sent me contradicts itself on "OK" items and need to fix items. How could my inspection be okay if it failed? How could my power steering be okay if it has a leak? I do not understand. Anyway..........The initial demise started about 3 and a half years ago or so, when I brought my sons car to them because it needed a new muffler and inspection. Well, they changed the muffler and THEN decided to do the inspection. It would not pass and the cost of the repairs was more than what we paid for the car. I complained about them doing the muffler before the inspection, but it was what it was. I had to pay the full price and then drove the car from their garage to the junk yard. Terrible.Now, my other sons car broke down. We had it towed there. No phone call from them even acknowledging that the car was dropped off after hours. I had to call them. They said they were busy and we weren’t scheduled. That is understandable, but in the past, they called to at least say they received the car and wanted me to tell them exactly what I wanted them to do before they did anything. Nope, not this time. Another day goes by and they still have not called me. I had to call them again! About 15 minutes later, I get an email with a long list of fix it’s in order to get it to pass inspection. Well, of course.After getting the total price to fix the items, not including rust, I started to call around to get pricing for the rust. No sense in getting the other items repaired if I couldn’t do the rust. Well, long story short, they were way over priced. When I went into the store to get some answers to the rust situation, so I could properly inform rust repair people what was happening, I let them know I was going to have the car towed to another shop because they were too expensive and weren’t very good about working with......I was interrupted by the girl at the counter, as she always tended to do, and said, “We are in the higher end of repairs.” We’ll, that is odd for them to say if they want business. When I questioned the total price for the inspection, she explained the diagnostics, even though I already knew what it needed. She said, “had you just said you wanted the fuel pump replaced, we could have done that without the diagnostics.” I think, had they called me like the used to do, I could have said. I then told her how they did the muffler on my other sons car and then wouldn’t pass the inspection and I left here with a $500 muffler and drove it straight to junk. She said, “those things happen. Just like we have a hard time with you keeping your appointments.” Are you kidding me?? I called about why I missed my last appointment a couple weeks ago and reporting child abuse is far important than my tire inspection.I moved out of the area and continued to use them, but today will be the last. The mechanics are pleasant and the work is good, but if the ladies at the front counter act as rude as they do, I just cannot tolerate that. And, they do over charge, which they openly admitted today.I am sad to go, but it is time.

    Kevin Gilchrist

    Great place. Fair and honest

  • Nick Jones

    all staff is very friendly, they are magicians really. Came here for an inspection, they told me I needed $1,000 worth of work. I just got it worked on 2 months ago at my car dealership. I then went to one of the more reputable automotive repair shops in Merrimack and I pass inspection without an issue. They didn't even leave a note. I showed the attendant what Gurney's automotive was telling me I need to change and they told me that I should probably never go there again. What I can say positive however about them, is they will take pictures of all of the damage and work they did and text it to you and you then can pay to have those things fixed if you want.

    Leston Media

    Too Long; Didn't Read = I had an awesome experience with Gurney's on my very first visit, and will recommend them to others looking for a new garage.For those with time to read my 'sob story' =I bought a used car from a private family-owned dealership in Manchester, which I'll call "The Other Guys". I had several issues with the car after I drove it home, and brought it back to "The Other Guys" several times to do the repairs. When the transmission and other parts failed after driving the car for 200-250 miles and owning it for 3 weeks, I decided not to take it back to "The Other Guys" since I didn't feel I could trust them.I called AAA to have the car towed somewhere and they recommended Gurney's in Nashua. Honestly, I had never heard of Gurney's before, but was willing to take the risk based on the frustration I was having with "The Other Guys".I have to say I was VERY impressed with the service at Gurney's. Craig was the technician who initially looked at my car, not only for the transmission issue, but also to make sure the car as a whole was safe to drive. He provided a detailed report with not only pictures of the problem areas, but also specific details and measurements (for example, there were measurements of the tread depth on the tires). The report was also sorted based on repair priority: Fix Immediately, Recommended Fixes, Continue to Monitor, and Good. Once I got the report (which they provided via email and text, and also called me on the phone to go over it), I was expecting them to give me the old "okay, we have to fix this right away and it's going to cost $$$$", but they didn't! Instead of trying to just get my money, they told me the car was deemed "unsafe" and that if they were to do the repairs I would be looking at way too much money. They also went on to tell me that "The Other Guys" should not have inspected the car nor let me drive it. Gurney's provided me with information on how to report "The Other Guys" to the State and also recommended I take the car back to "The Other Guys".After submitting a complaint to "The Other Guys", they made all the "Fix Immediately" repairs at no charge to me, however I was still uneasy about driving the car again and my confidence in "The Other Guys" was no longer existent.So...I decided to bring it back to Gurney's to make sure "The Other Guys" did everything correctly. Gurney's was more than happy to look at my car again, and even got me an appointment on their next business day! They made my car a priority the next morning and texted me right away to let me know the car was all set. When I came to pick up the car (luckily they told me the car was safe to drive), they THANKED ME for being a great customer, and told me there was no charge for having them take a second look at my car (I think the woman I spoke to was Jessica).I don't normally write reviews online, and most of the time when I read a review like the one I'm writing now, I find it too good to be true. And when I was experiencing this with Gurney's, I thought it was too good to be true. It wasn't. They're just a good business. I've already recommended them to my co-workers who bought used cars and wanted them checked out bumper-to-bumper. And I plan to use Gurney's in the future when I have issues with future cars.

    Joanne Ago

    Well staffed, knowledgeable and friendly!

    Cam Wilkins

    Just got a road force balance but Ben (the tech) was personable and did a great job explaining what was going on. Clearly a well run and staffed shop.

  • Christine Chandler

    I was very happy to have a problem fixed that another garage missed. I feel safer driving around now that a competent technician fixed my brakes. Thanks guys!

    Dan Sloan

    Honest shop

    Melissa Holt

    My son had his car towed in to Gurneys only to discover it threw a rod and was unfixable. They were so kind and understanding. No pressure to get it out of their lot and they waived his service fee. Just good people.

    Donna C.

    Battery died and they were able to take me straightaway. Prompt service and all of the staff were friendly and helpful. Definitely found my new auto service shop.

  • Lucas Fittipaldi

    Too expensive

    Loop Loop

    Worst place ever I don’t know why I ever brought my car to this place they over charge you the front desk staffs are very rude they keep on calling you with more problems and more money.

    Marla King

    I love that there are businesses out there that just make life easier for you and Gurney's is one of them. 🙂 Thank you for the great service!


    I took my car in for coolant leak and was told I had radiator leak and it would cost 1300$!!! I went to another shop and was told it was heater core Not radiator...gurneys is way over priced and not honest

  • Rick Vogeley

    Great help professional job done

    Shawn Higgins

    Great service staff

    Steven Robbins

    Bill and his folks have one thing that many others shops lack - honesty. I know that if a mechanic says I need repairs then it's the truth. Nobody tries to upsell me into buying four tires when they can patch one for much less. I've been going to Gurney's for 17 years and will continue as long as I own a car!

    Jules Dieter

    I had no problems with my car here. They did breaks and timing belt. I believe they did a good job because the car is running great!

  • Craig Holmberg

    We moved to Nashua in late 1987, two years after Gurney's was founded. Our first experience with Gurney's was in 1988 after an unexpected tie rod end break on my parents car. Although my Dad & I repaired the tie rod end in the parking lot of a restaurant, we wanted professional confirmation that our weekend repair was safe enough for my parents to drive 90 miles back home. On Monday morning, Gurney's was fully booked although graciously offered to try to fit us in sometime during the day.Gurney's not only fit us into their busy schedule, but they confirmed our weekend repair for a very minimal charge. We were hooked. Fast forward to June 2018 ... 30 years after our first visit to Gurney's ... where they recently diagnosed and repaired a misfire that I unsuccessfully tried to fix myself. That valve clearance adjustment repair charge was incredibly reasonable and the car is now running great!Over the 30 years of servicing our vehicles at Gurney's we have occasionally strayed toward OEM dealership repair after purchasing new vehicles ... only to be disappointed and soon returning to Gurney's for the honesty, integrity, and professionalism that are at the heart of their great customer service!Yes, we are raving fans of Gurney's Automotive!Craig & Sandy Holmberg

    stephen steele

    Great customer and auto service

    Ben Smyrlian

    Friendly at first. Very communicative to repairs needed. When picking up vehicle, it was backed in parking spot. When getting home and going to back up into my garage, I had no reverse gear.... I dropped the car off and reverse still worked..... After calling them to ask if they notice reverse not working they said "no." Even thought the car was backup into the parking space in their lot.. hmmmmmm? I imagine they knew it didn't work anymore and had stopped working in their possession and instead of owning up to knowing they made it so I could pull out of the parking spot so I would not notice until I got home.This was VERY shocking to me. A well established, well rated garage, can't own up to something like this? If they had any sense for repeat business, maybe at least they could have recommended a transmission shop to help me out.. Instead they didnt own anything and didn't even help me address the issue after telling them about it. I spent close to $3k with them getting some major things done and was left with a car that doesn't go in reverse. Because of this experience I do not recommend these guys to anyone who wants an honest garage. It was half hearted what they did and frankly not what you do if you want repeat business or word of mouth business. I went somewhere else and got the reverse fixed. Hopefully they smarten up and don't do things like this anymore.

    Jill Stern

    Friendly, clean, on time. Still this is not the place to take your car unless you want to run up a little bill. They are thorough and leave no stone unturned. This leaves a dent in the bank account.

  • Joshua McInturff


    Jollisa Mobley

    Gurney's provided good car maintenance while overpricing and taking advantage of me asking to bring in my own parts. I called and asked to bring in a bumper cover and was told yes. After receiving the work done, I was charged $167.00 dollars an hour for them to take off a bumper cover and put a new one on. They also claim it took 2 hours to do so. When I tried to dispute the cost with the business I was told that because they couldnt make money off supplying the part that they needed to make more money off the labor, charging me "time and a half". Services at another Nahua car service was $80 dollars an hour and took half the time, also bringing my own parts. I believe Gurney is taking advantage of a customer trying to afford getting their car fixed.

    Roly Fisher

    I have never used the services of Gurney’s Automotive and there’s a good reason for that. I’m a competitor. That’s right, I compete with Gurney’s for business. However, I have known the owner since he started out, and have kept track of his garage ever since. His service techs are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to doing the job right. Gurney’s keeps current with the technology, training and equipment needed to maintain and repair modern vehicles. The shop is clean, convenient and modern. We compete for the same business, but I always felt that the competition contributed to my garage also staying sharp. I can’t knock the competition when the competition has made us all better.

    Michael Vieira

    Outstanding car repairs!

Milford Reviews

  • cindy melhorn

    Great communication, fair pricing and fast service. Great experience overall!

    Tom Mcclintick

    Great service, Have not seen anything yet that they can't care of. They go out of there way to help you out.

    Marion Boudreau

    Good service

    Michelle Yeaw

    We were looking for add on parts for our new truck. They were super helpful .

  • Julius Palmer

    I took my new to me Spinter there for a NH safety inspection. They inspected it without it needing work to pass. When I inquired about observations and first impression assessment, I was told that it looked like the vehicle had not been frequently driven, and that there was some surface rust on the underside. These observations were spot on and were outside of the scope of a state inspection. The technician that handled my inspection was paying attention to more than just his/her task. That has value, and I appreciate it. Nicely done.

    Tod Davis

    My experiences at Gurney's over the last several years have all been great. I highly recommend their team, especially in this period of uncertainty. They have handled the difficulties very professionally.

    melanie spears

    Great communication, attention to detail very pleased.

    Eric Van Cleave

    Great people dedicated to providing awesome customer service

  • Kenny Smith

    Quick, and extremely satisfactory service. Detailed inspection reports, and staff who are knowledgeable, friendly, and customer focused. Would absolutely bring my vehicle back!

    Melissa Emberger

    Very helpful, organized and they keep good records.

    Amy Neel

    Easy drop off after hours! They called me before doing any work! My car needed minimal work to pass inspection but they did my brakes for a great price, got my new tire and even dropped my car off at my home 🙌 can I say more about their great service!! Thank u thank u Gurney's 💓 and a special thanks to Danielle who helped me through the whole process!! Best company-hands down!!

    Jean Lafontaine

    Went in for a sticker. I had 2 bulbs out. They keep me safe.

  • John Mitchell

    This shop is very expensive. Charged me double the national average for a basic repair. Will be bringing my and my family’s car repair business elsewhere.

    Janelle Ward

    Reliable and friendly every time. I won't take my car, or my business' cars, anywhere else

    Joel S

    My invoice was exactly as was quoted, even though the job took a bit longer than they had planned. I even got a follow-up text message from the owner confirming that I was pleased with the work. This just goes to show how much they value their customers.

    Ronda Drolett

    The kindest people work here. They explained everything perfectly, accommodated me quickly and didn't talk down to me and make me feel at all agitated. Good people, they will definitely continue to get my business.

  • Deborah DuCharme

    Very good!!!

    Gary Ledoux


    S Gunther Schmidt

    During my recent visit for brakes, Gurney went above and beyond my expectations with my truck.I even had wiper blades sitting on my passenger seat that I was going to install, but they put them on for me even without me asking!Scheduling was great! I called the day before and they had an opening the very next day.They got my work done quickly and got me back on the road. Top notch service.

    Bonnie Cox

    Love the place!!

  • Pat Soucy

    Great service. I was very pleased with who I talk to on the phone told him I needed to get my car fixed by Monday brought it on Wednesday right away they looked at. Good prices excellent service would recommend to anyone that is looking for a good mechanic!

    Jonida Kulla

    Showed up in the morning without an appointment for a screw that was wedged in my tire. Within minutes, my tire was rolled inside to get repaired and placed back on the car. In and out in about half hour. I'm new to this town, and I had already gotten my inspection sticker here, equally great service. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going back.

    Nancy Wight

    Our family has 4 cars and they have been serviced at Gurney’s since they opened in Milford. This place is definitely a cut above the typical automotive repair shop. The staff is professional, honest, timely, well-skilled and extremely helpful. I never feel like I am being overcharged or talked into work that doesn’t really need to be done. Though I usually have no trouble getting an appointment, I would rather wait a few days if I have to than take our cars anywhere else!

    d b

    I am not sure how in the world they get anything other than 1 star reviews but my experience was terrible. I will also be leaving feedback on Facebook and other websites regarding their dishonest business practices. I brought my car in there for inspection and was told it needed $3000 worth of work. Brought it somewhere else for a second opinion and was shown exactly what it needed for a total of $788. This was not even close. Bring your car here if you want to be sold thousands of dollars worth of unnecessary repair work.

  • Kevin Boette

    They are not cheap, but I've never had an issue with the quality of their work. They are honest and do great work.

    michelle bragdon

    Had flat tire, said they couldn't fix it, brought the tire to Walmart in hookset and they fixed it no problem! Front desk was rude.

    Mary Kling

    Bill and his crew is the best 😊

    Molly Lozeau

    This is a great place to have maintainance done plus buy and get tires replaced. My first call was after a faulty tire, and they not only got me in the same day amidst their busy schedule, they gave me a great deal on new tires. I've visited here three times in the past four months: I've had my tires replaced and rotated, work on my tire mount, and my battery replaced (on a Prius). They also give you a loyalty gift card with a percentage of your purchase to use as credit on your next purchase. Prompt service, polite customer service, and a lovely waiting area with a kids room and clean bathrooms. Highly recommend. I'll be returning for anything car related!Note: My previous review of 2 stars was a complete mistake! Only good things about this place.

  • Ethan Howard

    Exceptional service


    This place was highly recommended to me. I've had great service. They are the kind of business you can trust for their work and their honestly about what your vehicle does or doesn't need

    Chris Lepkowski

    Good quality work. On the higher end of the local average hourly rate.

    Steve Gosselin

    I get my diesel repairs done here. Comfortable with their recommendations. Reasonably priced.

  • Lee Jeffers

    I have been doing business with Gurney's Automotive for many years. I trust them to service all my vehicle needs from windshield wiper blades to replacing all four tires on my Frontier pick up truck to a major brake job. The staff in both the Milford and Nashua locations are always friendly and courteous. I like the fact that they offer a loaner vehicle at a very reasonable price when I need it. They also offer a complimentary shuttle service. I also welcome the rewards card and oil change programs. For every four paid oil changes, Gurney's will provide the fifth oil change free of charge. It is true that they are not the lowest cost mechanics around although for most repairs they are competitively priced. However, I find that in life you get what you pay for. Gurney's has a 24 month or two year warranty on their parts and labor. This ironclad guarantee provides me with peace of mind. I also appreciate the fact that owner Bill Gurney is just an e-mail or phone call away if I have any questions.

    Mary Kling

    Last year I asked Bill if they had any type of Auto detailing fleet maintenance plan and he created it for me! Now that is superior service! I love talking to his staff, they are very friendly and they really understand how to work around our schedules. They always offer to give me a ride back to the office and I really appreciate that. Jon, their detailing genius, is just the most professional auto detailer that I have ever met. As the owner of a cleaning company, I really appreciate that he really knows what he is doing and that he takes great pride in his work. Having the maintenance plan is important to me because I want to maintain the investment that I have in my vehicles and they represent my company. We often get calls because someone has seen one of our cars and It is awesome that they look so nice.Thank you very much Bill, and your entire excellent staff, for making this program work so well for us.MaryWendi's Cleaning Service, Inc.Amherst, NH

    Nathan Goodwin

    Brought my car in to be detailed. Long story short, they charged me twice as much as what was quoted originally. When I asked about it, the "manager" said I was mistaken, and that's all there was to it. Bill Gurney sent me a follow up email requesting that I leave positive reviews for the wonderful service I received. I explained to him my displeasure, he responded by letting me know he was with his family, and I never heard back. Still get all of their wonderful emails soliciting for business though. Break down starts at the top, and it's easy to see where the problem is. I won't be returning...

    Christine Doherty

    We have used them for years. They do good work. If there is a problem, they resolve it quickly. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer the owner called me and offered his support. I was stunned! Now that is customer service.

  • Shayne XX

    In short, these are generally nice people that do expensive work and will not take accountability for their mistakes. Seemingly routine inspections and oil changes can take the whole day; whether that be for poor scheduling or staffing reasons, I do not know.Gurney's has lost my trust in their pricing, expertise, and efficacy.I have been taking my car to Gurney's for a few years. The service always seemed rather pricey, but never so pricey as to seem illegitimate. I have used only Gurney's to service my current car, and accepted the pricey services, as their shop is clean and their staff generally friendly and helpful.I will not be returning, now. I brought my car in last week for a CEL and oil change. It took them all day to do the inspection and oil change. Had to bring my car in again this week (two days off from work, thanks guys) and they again took all day to repair an engine coolant thermostat and an axle/differential leak.I picked up the car and MORE warning lights were on when they were done with it than were lit up when I brought it in to them. The technician, Jay, told me basically that "these things happen" and that "a probably old wire broke or a sensor unplugged." I was quoted around $160+ to repair this new issue, right after I paid almost $1,100 for the issues they had just fixed.My brother is studying to be a mechanic at a local college, and arranged to bring my car in for his class to look at. They determined that the wheel speed sensor was both unplugged and broken, almost certainly during the process of Gurney's the leak I had.I won't be returning to this shop, because they apparently refuse to accept responsibility for when they break part of your car while it is in their care, and because when you challenge them on something that seems off, the technician patronizes you like you're an idiot.

    Andy F

    My first experience with Gurneys came when I needed a new battery and my usual repair place did not have it. I asked them how much it was – they said “$89.00” – I got the battery at Gurneys for “$119.00” and then had my usual repair guy put it in. I had heard Gurneys was expensive, but at the time I thought 20 bucks extra was no problem.When my next repair came up, Gurneys was a disaster. Normally I would go to the dealer but on this one I thought, give Gurneys a try. People have posted that their waiting room is nice, their building is nice, they are friendly – all nice points – but ultimately (as you will see) what matters about car repair is whether you are treated like a valued customer, or an idiot. I was treated like an idiot.First, all I needed was a Tune up. I brought the car in very early and to my amazement by 1 PM they had not “finished the diagnosis”. What? I asked the guy, “what do you mean? I wanted a Tune up, NOT a diagnosis…” He told me they diagnose all cars. He called me ½ hour later and told me I need a head gasket. I asked how much: and almost fell on the floor when he said “$3,200”. I was stunned!!!I then contacted three Subaru dealers, and three independent repair places to inquire about head gasket replacement. ALL the Subaru dealers stated the same number “$1,575”, and the three independents all said “under $2,000”. Thus I knew Gurneys was ripping me off – and compared to the dealers, they were essentially doubling the price.I called Gurneys and said “STOP!” Do nothing more to my car. As it was they then charged me $632.00 because they had changed the oil, replace the spark plugs, replaced the cables, and put in a new valve cover gasket (NOT the head gasket). The price did NOT seem at all reasonable, but I paid it well aware I would never go to Gurneys again, and would ensure that my son, daughter, wife and friends do not go there as well – they are a ripoff business, nothing more.I am an executive in a software company and have a Masters in Business. You learn early on that repeat business is the most important thing. You can rip someone off, get larger bucks, but you lose the customer for repeat business. This is a lesson Gurneys clearly has not learned or are too stupid to understand. If you rip me, or anyone off, yes, you will make good money ONCE. That’s what they got from me, but I will NEVER go there again. And will gladly warn my family and friends to avoid Gurneys like the plague.The larger number of businesses that fail, fail because they treat clients like idiots. I sure am an idiot when it comes to cars - but I can use a telephone and call elsewhere (as I did) and learn what this should have cost me, and also spread the word that Gurneys should be avoided unless you just hit the lottery and don't care about money - because they don't care about you, its your wallet they care about.

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