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Our satisfied customers occasionally reach out to us after receiving service from Gurney's Automotive Repair. Take some time to read the reviews below, and if you would like to include your own review, please don't hesitate to Contact Us anytime or choose a link below!

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Nashua Reviews

This was our first time going Gurney’s we will definitely be coming back great service and communication.
Denise Whitman
They did a state inspection, I like that they texted me a listing of all that was inspected and whether or not there was a problem. They are polite and pleasant to talk to! Always a pleasure doing business here!
David Blocher
Want a repair shop that will not fix the things you asked them to fix but instead will charge you to take your car apart looking for other work to quote you for? Then this is the place for you. I made an appointment and dropped my car off for 2 specific things: 1. My car's a/c had suddenly stopped working 2. After some recent exhaust work I had developed an intermittent rattle in the rear where the muffler hits the undercarriage - I pointed the exact location for the rattle when I dropped the car off. Mid-day I get a call that I need new windshield wipers, they took apart my front and rear brakes and suggested some repairs to those as well as my rear rockers, that I should return in 100 miles to have my tires re-torqued and that all of this woudl cost $4k. Eventually I interrupted the guy to ask about the 2 items I dropped the car off to actually have done. He said they would remove a heat-shield causing the rattle, and recharge the A/C which was low. In the afternoon I get a call that they had recharged the A/C but that the compressor was broken, so adding refrigerant had not fixed the issue. I elected to pick up the car instead of having further work done, and was charged $300 for the pleasure of having them not fix my a/c and look for other work they could charge me for. They insisted they had fixed the exhaust rattle. What's the kicker? My exhaust rattle is just as bad at exactly the point I showed them, my brakes were fine when I dropped it off but now they rub. In summary: * Looking for a muffler rattle, they charged me to take apart my brakes and generate a recommendation for other work, and resulting in brakes that now rub. * They didn't check that my compressor worked at all before recharging the A/C thus charging me for useless work. * I literally pointed out the location of a rattle which they charged me to fix but did not. EDITED: Bill - I found it tasteless for you to call me to "explain your process of honesty". You claim that you have done the requested repairs, and yet I took the car in for a muffler rattle, you charged me to fix a muffler rattle, and yet I still have a muffler rattle. Perhaps you can explain that? Perhaps you can also explain how a rattle in the rear after muffler work would warrant *charging a customer* to take apart their front brakes in order to generate recommended brake repairs?
David Gottesman
They are always ready to be of service. Pleasant, considerate and thorough. Thank you, Gurney's!
Kerry Wright
Gurneys was very helpful in replacing my brakes. They are higher priced than most but that's because of the extra care you get. You get a full report with pictures every time. I never have to worry if my car will be fixed correctly when I go here. Peace of mind is priceless. Thank you!!!
Thomas Hickman
Fair prices, full transparency. I trust their technicians!
Pat Lyons
Always professional, courteous, and personable. Work done on time and reasonably priced. Waiting area is clean and welcoming.
Judith Briand
I have been with Gurney's for a few decades and wouldn't trust my vehicles to any other auto repair service. They are OUTSTANDING.
Danit Cohen
If you’re looking in Nashua for a place to get an inspection, I highly recommend this place. Everyone was great, they gave me a detailed review of the report (with photos), and all around it was a very pleasant experience.
BigJBrone (Bigjbrone)
Pricier than most mechanics, but you get what you pay for. This was my first time at Gurney’s but I was well informed about all sections of my inspection with pictures. This is a very professional Mechanic. Highly recommend.
Kevin Angelli
Awesome service all around! Communicative fair and honest
Very professional and detailed services. They have an extremely courteous team and truly a pleasure to engage!


Milford Reviews

Mike Staubin
Very knowledgeable and their findings probably saved my life. Thank you and highly recommended them for all your auto repairs.
Mike Lima
Great service at a great price! Definitely will be returning!
Bob Gardener
The people here are wonderful and their inspections are very thorough. They'll even throw you a few tips/suggestions if you're the kind of person that likes to do their own work.
Nicest people l have ever met.they are good people.thank you very much.
Damien Wargo
Brought my 1995 dodge 12v cummins there because the injection timing slipped. They charged me $500 for taking my motor apart and messing up the timing even more and not getting the truck running and saying I need a new Injection pump. After my experience I am never going back ever. I brought my truck to Northeast performance diesel in Wilton NH they got my truck started in two hours with no problem at all. Talked to the owner and got my money back that’s all I was worried about because I am only 16 and that’s not money I just have laying around very thankful for gurney to help me out.
Anne Altman
I've been going to Gurneys periodically for the past few years. I'm always happy with the way I'm treated as a customer and with the work done on my vehicle. The prices do reflect the quality, but I've never felt swindled by them. Please check them out if you care about your car and your dignity.
Connor Garside
Garbage. Quoted me $1600 for an exhaust repair. Told me the entire exhaust and mufflers would need to be replaced. Took it to another shop that charged me $300 to fix 3 small leaks with new downpipe. Made us feel bad about having an older car. Took all day to repair a heat shield, and it wasn’t even fixed. If anything, it’s louder. Stay away. Response to owner: Work order # is 31942. Not sure how you wouldn’t be able to find it, it was Monday
Simon Wright
Faultless service with transparent pricing and excellent communication. We particularly loved the loan car, which cost just a few bucks, but kept us mobile until our car was ready. The detailed inspection report with photos, videos, advice, explanations and recommendations is an amazing and very welcome touch.
Shelby Catherine
Gurneys is fantastic. I used the one in Nashua numerous times for my Camry.
The customer service was great I felt very comfortable they were looking out for my best interest and not overly selling repairs I did not need
Jade Hill
I am never bringing my car anywhere else! They are honest people and never tried convincing my husband my car needed something I know it didn't just for the money. Their prices are also very fair and reasonable.
Chris Edwards
Love it

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