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Our satisfied customers occasionally reach out to us after receiving service from Gurney's Automotive Repair. Take some time to read the reviews below, and if you would like to include your own review, please don't hesitate to Contact Us anytime or choose a link below!

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Nashua Reviews

Beck V

First class service and especially the attention from staff. I'm pleased. Recommended.

Zenergy Works (Zenergy Webmaster)

Great group of folks to work with.

Frank Lukovits

Amazing first time experience with Gurney's. Had my truck towed in after my engine blew. First, their customer service was top notch. Every person I spoke with went out of their way to be friendly and make sure I was happy. I agreed to have them put another engine into the truck. They completed it on time and slightly under budget. Fast forward 3 weeks and I received a call from them telling me that they had charged me for a part they didn't end up needing and were issuing me a refund for it! Safe to say 99 out of 100 other shops never would have called back and done that. Thank you Gurney's! I'll be back!

Amy Alves

They are nice people but $80 to test drive my car to find out the issue ? Umm no thank u.HI Bill , I came in and the receptionist told me that’s how much it would be. I told her I just heard a weird noise driving on my way to work and it probably was the wheel bearing. She didn’t take my info because once I heard 80 just for them to test drive I said it’s ok.

Amy Alves

They are nice people but $80 to test drive my car to find out the issue ? Umm no thank u.

Eric Rivera

Brought my car to gurneys to replace the starter. Was quoted almost $700 for parts and labor! Called another local shop and was quoted almost $300 less for starter replacement! Also, was charged $60 to get my car back from gurneys and “out of their system”. I don’t recommend this shop. Overpriced..

Cindy Butler

Gurneys is outstanding in every way. The people, their attitude, their diagnostics and repair. You can trust them. Do yourself a favor and try them next time!

Hilary Keating

Great service.

Briana Winslow

Trusted service, honest people.

Timber Hill Farm

My car broke down during the heatwave the other day while I was down in Nashua for an appointment. I called AAA for a tow, I live an hour and 15 min away and did not know the area. AAA suggested to try Gurney's I called them and they were super busy, I explained my situation and said they would assess my car and move somethings around to get me home 🙂 Tow dropped me off I walked in and the A/C was cranking which felt so good. Jessica greeted me, she was super friendly and told me to make myself comfortable grab a cold water etc... Needles to say this place is amazing, they looked at my car told me the problem ordered that part and fixed up my car in little over an hour! They said they would get me home and they did!!!!! I highly recommend taking your car here! Everyone is friendly the service is great!!!!! Thank you again Gurney's for getting me home!!!!! They even texted to see how my car is doing!

Brian Hall

Gurney's can really be hit or miss and it seems to depend on who your technician is and how busy they are. They had my truck all day today and couldn't do something as simple as change a headlamp bulb on a 2016 Dodge Ram 1500. They told me they would have to disassemble and remove the entire grill. Apparently they never heard of the access hatch above the wheel well that gives you access to the retaining clip, or about the two 10mm hex heads that hold the housing in. I'd do it myself but don't have a long enough wrench extension. But if the tech doesn't know how to change a headlight bulb, can you feel confident with him doing any other work?

Daniel Sunderland (Dan)

Very friendly and highly professional. I've now returned for a second visit and had another great experience. Prices are reasonable and techs are clearly very knowledgeable.


Milford Reviews

Linda Granberg

Best service and fair prices.Great staff and techniciansYou can trust these people.

cindy melhorn

Great communication, fair pricing and fast service. Great experience overall!

Tom Mcclintick

Great service, Have not seen anything yet that they can't care of. They go out of there way to help you out.

Marion Boudreau

Good service

Michelle Yeaw

We were looking for add on parts for our new truck. They were super helpful .

Julius Palmer

I took my new to me Spinter there for a NH safety inspection. They inspected it without it needing work to pass. When I inquired about observations and first impression assessment, I was told that it looked like the vehicle had not been frequently driven, and that there was some surface rust on the underside. These observations were spot on and were outside of the scope of a state inspection. The technician that handled my inspection was paying attention to more than just his/her task. That has value, and I appreciate it. Nicely done.

Tod Davis

My experiences at Gurney's over the last several years have all been great. I highly recommend their team, especially in this period of uncertainty. They have handled the difficulties very professionally.

melanie spears

Great communication, attention to detail very pleased.

Eric Van Cleave

Great people dedicated to providing awesome customer service

Kenny Smith

Quick, and extremely satisfactory service. Detailed inspection reports, and staff who are knowledgeable, friendly, and customer focused. Would absolutely bring my vehicle back!

Melissa Emberger

Very helpful, organized and they keep good records.

Amy Neel

Easy drop off after hours! They called me before doing any work! My car needed minimal work to pass inspection but they did my brakes for a great price, got my new tire and even dropped my car off at my home 🙌 can I say more about their great service!! Thank u thank u Gurney's 💓 and a special thanks to Danielle who helped me through the whole process!! Best company-hands down!!

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