Why You Need Winter Tires in NH

Posted on September 29, 2014

Tires in NH from Gurney's AutomotiveWe all know what it’s like to drive in a harsh New England winter. It’s messy, dangerous, slippery, annoying—basically, it’s a real pain in the neck! And, for most of us, we’re going to need winter tires in NH this year. Winter tires in NH are an essential part of New England living. They make your commute easier and safer. Winter tires help in a number of ways.

Why Winter Tires are Important on the NH Roads

  • Difficult road conditions – The many twists, turns, and hills that we have in New England can make driving difficult enough. Throw in some snow and ice and you’ve got a real recipe for disaster. The control and traction provided by winter tires will make navigating these treacherous roads much easier.
  • Facing harsh weather conditions – Snow tires aren’t only for driving on snowy and icy terrain. They are also recommended for drivers who need to drive when the temperature stays consistently below 45 degrees; something we’re all too familiar with in NH.
  • Increased performance – Winter tires make your vehicle’s starting, stopping, and turning ability much better because of the increased traction they provide on snowy terrain.
  • Specially designed – Designed with a specialized thread compound, winter tires are specifically made for driving in lower temperatures and provide better traction.
  • Provide a sense of security – With winter tires, you can rest easy knowing that you have the ultimate amount of protection for driving in harsh winter conditions. Even if you have all-wheel drive or traction control, winter tires will still make you far safer on the road.
  • Swap them out – Using winter tires in NH gives your regular tires a much needed break during the winter months, making them last longer and providing you with better traction year round.

If you’re interested in winter tires in NH, contact Gurney’s Automotive Repair at: 603-886-5800

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