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Posted on January 15, 2013

Gurney’s Automotive ensures the perfect tire match for your vehicle using our Tire Matching Search engine. We match the year, make, model, width, ratio, diameter, and brand to make sure you receive the perfect tire for your automobile.

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The idea of new tires may seem like an expensive obligation that you would rather put off until absolutely necessary, but changing them ahead of time can be a very beneficial investment.

New Tires Can Save You Money

Drivers all over New Hampshire are already spending more money putting gas in their truck or auto than they should be! Purchasing a new set of tires is an investment that can have long term financial benefits. If you are driving on worn out tires with an uneven tread pattern, it will decrease the distance you can travel on a tank of gas—thus causing you to spend more at the pump.New tires can save your automobile

Old tires may not hold pressure as well as new tires do, which can lead to the improper filling of air pressure. Unbalanced pressure in your tires creates oscillating weight distribution. If you think about it, tires are the only point of contact your automobile has with the road you’re driving on. If the air is disproportionate, it can stifle the efficiency of your gas mileage. If your tires are in good shape, rotated regularly, aligned, and properly mounted, you will see visible improvements in the gas mileage of any vehicle.

Bald or worn down tires can be the catalysts of accidents, sideswipes, or any other type of damaging collision. Accidents can create massive financial burdens for drivers whether or not they are insured. Stripped rubber peeling off on the highway or sudden punctures can leave you injured, stranded, or worse. The amount you may have to pay for towing services could have been avoided and invested into a fresh set of rubber instead.

A new set of tires can also save you the time and hassle associated with failing State Inspections due to unstable surfaces.

Fresh Rubber Treads Improve Handling

As the driver, you will be able to feel the improved control and security of having fresh new tires beneath you. Your passengers will also notice the improved comfort in your vehicle’s steering. As New Hampshire residents, we understand the importance of having tires capable of performing through all four seasons of the year, especially during winter. If your tires are worn down or are otherwise ill-equipped for icy roads you could find yourself stuck, sliding, or even injured should you get into an accident.

The improved handling also yields additional luxuries. In most cases, new tires are substantially quieter than worn down tires. In addition to muffling sound, the thick rubber of a new tire absorbs shock and assures your vehicle glides smoothly.

Safety – Steer Clear of Disaster!

The most important thing our company has in mind when installing new tires is safety. We want to help make the roads of New Hampshire and the greater New England area a safer place. Tire maintenance often goes overlooked because unlike other aspects of the car, tires will continue to perform long after they are safe, that is until they blow out or separate from the rim. This could prove to be extremely dangerous, especially at highway speeds.

Bald tires can cause cars to slide, swerve, or lose control at high speeds. Many automotive owners don’t realize that their vehicles have worn out tires before it’s too late! Some states in the country have safety legislation that requires tread depth on cars to be at a legal limit.

The duration of a tire may have been forecasted to a set date by the manufacturer, but extraneous factors such as weather, harsh surfaces, skidding, and other erosion may have influenced the wear of a tire. A tire may have an ideal “expiration date”, but that does not mean it is going to be pristine up to that date. We replace your set of tires to ensure they are safe for the road and not prone to failure.

If you would like to inquire about our tire replacement services, please see our online tire service.

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