Causes of Tire Blowouts

Posted on September 7, 2017

tires in Nashua, NHWe visit the South a lot due to Charlotte’s family. When you drive across highways in the South, you see a lot of tire blowouts along the side of the road, in the middle of the road, and drainage ditches. For the South, Tire blowouts can happen all year because of high temperatures. It is always warm in this region of the United States. Technically, however, tire blowout season is May through October, during the pinnacle of hot weather. That is when we start seeing blowouts up here in New Hampshire on the highways. However, high temperatures are not the only cause.

Tire blowouts happen, as interpreted from Popular Mechanics, when the temperature is at its hottest. Or, they can occur when motorists drive longer distances at high speeds with heavy loads. These factors help contribute to the risk of tire blowouts during drives. It is important that you know what factors to keep an eye on when it comes to your tires in Nashua, NH to protect your car and yourself.


Keeping your tires inflated is the first step to making sure that your tires will not blow out on you while driving down the highway. Under-inflation causes the internal parts of the tire to flex beyond what they were designed to do. When you flex these items too far, they will not work. Then, the entire structure will eventually fail. That is why it is important that you pay attention to your tires. While TPMS is not always necessary, it is important that you check your tires. The TPMS will only alert you once the tire is flat. The best option for tires is usually around 32-35 psi. Always test tires in Nashua, NH when it is cold, however!

Too Much Weight

You need to know how much weight your vehicle is designed to handle. When you load your pick-up, you need to know what your tires can handle as well. Though you are aware that your pick-up can carry five wheelbarrows of gravel, you need to ask yourself if it should. You can find this out by finding your Vehicles Gross Vehicular Weight Rating (where the recommended psi is) and do the math (yuck!), and it will help you.


We don’t have much to say here. Avoid potholes and your car, your tires (especially if they are low profile), and your passengers will thank you. Just please, no potholes. We live in New England where avoiding potholes is almost a sport, so it should be easy for you to do.

Summer Heat Brings Danger to Tires in Nashua

Just keep in mind all the dangers that tires in Nashua, NH normally would have in the winter when it comes to car and driver safety. They decrease during the summer due to the increased temperature, in particular on the tar roads where they absorb the heat. While we may not reach 110 degrees on a daily basis like the South does, we still need to be careful when it comes to tire blowouts.

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