The Best Headlights For Your Car

Posted on November 9, 2017

mechanic in NashuaWhen it comes to safety in your vehicle, your headlights are critical. These are a necessity during nights, and it is important that they work. They are essential to your safety and the safety of those around you. They allow you to see the road while letting others know that you are there, which makes them doubly useful and necessary. When it comes time to change your headlights, you can choose the lights that fit you best, whether that means purchasing brighter lights that are available or sticking with the lights you had before. The main thing that you need to remember, as mentioned on Auto Anything, is that you need to consider the vehicle’s environment as well as your car before you visit a mechanic in Nashua, NH.

The first thing you should consider is the weather that you tend to get in your area. If you live in a zone where it is mainly dry, you can get away with basic driving lights. However, since we live in New Hampshire, weather fluctuates constantly from hot and bright to cold, snowy, and fog filled. For weather like ours, it is recommended to have a set of driving lights and fog lights. Many cars today usually come with both, so you do not need to worry about installing the fog lights after you buy the car. The driving lights tend to focus ahead of you while fog lights will concentrate more on the road so that you can still see where you are going. Consider this when you choose your lights.

Also, you want to think about where you usually drive. Up here, we have a mixture of city structures, straight backroads, and curvy roads. To take them on, you can decide to style up and upgrade your headlights with OEM replacements, or you can look for corning lights and intelligent lighting systems that will help shed light on the curves of the mountain roads. This way, you can have the best of all worlds. Consider the environment you tend to drive in most.

While the location is critical, also consider the age of your car. You may not want new headlights on an antique, and you may want something closer to the original. However, that is not the main thing you want to consider. After you assess your environment, it is time to consider which type of headlight you would prefer: halogen or xenon.




These bulbs function the same way as an incandescent bulb. The difference is that these lights are stronger than the traditional bulbs. By having a tungsten filament in an atmospheric vacuum, these lights can produce a brighter, whiter light than the other types. These are great because they are consistent until they finally go out, and they have a pretty decent lifespan.


HID Xenon

The HID in HID Xenon stands for High-Intensity Discharge. These lights are the newest headlights available. These bulbs heat xenon gas, causing a bright white glow with a short electrical arc. This light is so bright that it gets compared to daylight! The good thing about these lights is that they are brighter than halogen and they take less power to run after a mechanic in Nashua installs them.



Choosing your headlights can be as simple as knowing that you want the best fluorescent lights around, especially if you do not like driving. On the same end, though, it can be hard to understand what you need from your headlights when driving. That is why we recommend that when it is time to change your lights, you talk to a mechanic in Nashua, NH at Gurney’s Automotive so we can help you choose the best light for your needs.

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