Aftermarket Parts: Are They Worth It?

Posted on October 9, 2017

auto repair in NHDeciding to get aftermarket parts can make you nervous, especially if you have not purchased from the aftermarket before. There are dozens of aftermarket companies out there. It’s hard to know if they offer parts that will work well in your car. There are horror stories about aftermarket parts not working right and requiring auto repair in NH. However, it is important to understand what it is about aftermarket parts that make them so attractive.

Aftermarket parts are made by many different companies to produce the same product that the original manufacturers produce. These companies buy the rights to these parts to make them. Once these businesses make the parts, they get offered to the public. There are pros and cons to buying aftermarket parts. It’s important that you consider them before you go and buy these parts.





The advantages of an aftermarket part are very appealing. For starters, the aftermarket parts are less expensive. They usually do not have the car logo on them, which, for genuine parts, is what you want. Even with OEM parts without the logo, you will pay more than an aftermarket part.

Also, these parts can be better quality than some of the OEM parts that you get. OEM has a chance to see what is wrong with the part and fix it before you buy it. They can address problems and find ways around them so that you will know that the issue the part had is gone. These parts are easier to find at your local store, meaning if you can do the repairs on your own, or at a local shop that offers auto repair in NH, you can locate the replacement quickly. Also, you can choose a company that you know and trust because there are so many choices in companies.




With the good comes the bad. While aftermarket parts can be of a better quality than the original, the quality can vary depending on the company. To fully understand what you purchase, it is important that you do your research on the parts that you need and the companies that sell them.

If you are looking for a warranty on the product, you need to check. Some companies may offer one and others won’t. Since there are so many companies, it can also be intimidating to find the right one that will meet your needs. The best thing that you can do is to narrow down some brands, talk to your mechanic about which ones they recommend in the aftermarket for that particular part so that you can feel a little better about what you put in your car.




Considering the pros and cons of aftermarket parts, we find that they are worth the value if you decide to go this route. However, we do recommend that you discuss the aftermarket part with us so that you know you are getting one that is mechanic approved from your friends at Gurney’s. For quality auto repair in NH, you can rely on us!

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