Accessorize Your Vehicle

Posted on September 8, 2018

Accessorize Your VehicleTo state the obvious, cars are useful inventions. They get you from point A to point B, play music, protect you from the elements. No matter how much you love your car, you have to admit that there’s always room for an upgrade. Though MTV may have canceled Pimp My Ride, there are still ways to accessorize your vehicle for practical and personal reasons with detailing and LEER truck caps in NH. Here are just a handful of ways to customize your ride today!

Truck Caps

LEER Truck caps are great for both residential and professional truck. Also known as truck toppers and camper shells, these caps offer both safety and privacy. Professionals like technicians and contractors love LEER’s aluminum caps to protect their materials while they’re away from the truck. Families tend to prefer the resilient fiberglass caps. Truck caps also can carry luggage racks to make them even more storage friendly.


Detailing a car isn’t necessarily an accessory, but a spa treatment. It’s a total, deep clean of your vehicle. Depending on how much you want to spend you can get a nice vacuuming of your interior and silicone treatment to your tires. For those who want to really lap in luxury, ultimate detailing includes bug and tar removal from paint, complete air purge and vacuuming, as well as shampooed carpets, and more. Detailing also helps your car run smoother by clearing out the brake dust and other buildups.


New tires make a car look more modern. Kind of like a facelift, tires get your vehicle looking and feeling brand new. They have better tread and great pressure. On top of beautifying the car, tires are functional too.

Snow Plows

Some parts of the country will never have to worry about the necessity of snow plows. Here in New England, we know all too well that with winter comes piles and piles of snow. For some, a snow plow is a valuable investment for surviving November- March any given year. Hiniker Snow Plows makes a reversible, conventional, Mid Size, Scoop, VF, and Torsion Trip snow plow. A snow plow is an accessory that prepares your truck for the winter and allows you make a profit plowing your neighbors’ driveways.

To Accessorize Your Vehicle, Contact Gurney’s!

Accessories make your car feel more like yours. Whether it’s LEER truck caps or Hiniker Snow Plows, your accessories can be just as functional for your vehicle as they are cool to look at. For those looking to upgrade their ride, contact Gurney’s Automotive Repair today or visit us online. We offer truck caps and snow plows for sale!

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