The Inner Workings of a New Hampshire State Inspection

Posted on August 8, 2018

auto repair in Nashua, NHHave you ever wondered about the inner working of a New Hampshire state inspection? Some people may not know that in New Hampshire, a car needs to be inspected within ten days of registering a car. After that, your automobile has to be re-inspected once a year based on your birth month. State inspections are required because to protect public safety. For those out there wondering just what the New Hampshire state inspection entails, here are a few significant points.


Having functioning brakes on your car is essential. That’s as obvious as saying there is oxygen in the air. The last thing anybody wants is to be going 70 on the freeway only for their brakes to give out when they try to slow down for the exit. NH state inspections ensure your brakes and parking brake are functioning properly.


When you get your state inspection, you are making sure the electrical system of your car is up to date. This includes the battery in your vehicle is live, your starter starts, and your alternator keeps things chugging along. Though not part of the electrical system, lights and reflectors are also tested during an inspection.


Tires and wheels are the part of the car that gets you moving. Making sure they’re in working order is important. When your car passes it’s inspection, it means your tires have the proper grip, pressure, and durability to get you where you’re going.


A car that can’t be steered properly is a death trap. Getting your car inspected certifies that your steering and front end suspension are aligned. It lets you know if there is any wear and tear on the pitman arms, idler arms, and pinion and other makeup of the front end assembly.

Visit Gurney’s Automotive for Your New Hampshire State Inspection

Not only does a New Hampshire state inspection cover these features of your vehicle. It also checks your odometer, speedometer, glass, wipers, exhaust, and any other potential safety risk that may put your car at risk. For an NH state inspection, choose Gurney’s Automotive Repair. Contact them today or visit them online.

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