Wheel Alignment Wilton

Car wheel fixed with computerized wheel alignment machine clamp.When was the last time you thought about wheel alignment in Wilton? It’s probably been a while! If you get into a car accident or hit a curb, you might notice that your car alignment is dramatically off, pulling you to one side in a way that forces you to overcorrect when you drive. You get to the auto repair shop immediately to fix that problem! However, over time your wheel alignment may subtly become less and less adjusted as you drive through Wilton. This is normal and may not be noticed at first, but it is important to get this fixed for safety and cost reasons.

Get Your Wheels Aligned in Wilton

At Gurney’s Automotive Repair, our first concern is your safety. A maladjusted alignment can cause your car to veer to one side and/or uneven, paid wear and tear on your tires, which can cause a blowout. Car alignment refers to the angle your wheels make contact with the road. When we adjust the wheel alignment for Wilton drivers, we are adjusting the suspension system to make sure the angles meet manufacturer’s specifications and you can safely drive.

Maintenance Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly

If you notice uneven wear and tear on your tires, noisy steering, your steering wheel pulling in one direction, or that your steering wheel is crooked when driving straight, it’s probably time for a wheel alignment in Wilton. Not sure if you need an alignment or a different maintenance service? Bring your vehicle in to Gurney’s Automotive Repair! Our family-owned auto repair shop can help you with alignments, oil changes, brake service, tune ups, and all repairs to engines, transmissions, brakes, electrical systems, and more. Our knowledgeable team of auto technicians offer inspections and car diagnostics; we can create a custom maintenance plan for your vehicle to help it run smoothly on the road. Regular maintenance can help prevent costly breakdowns. Call Gurney’s to make an appointment today!

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