Virtual Vehicle MD-find out how your car works

Posted on December 5, 2012

Virtual Vehicle MD is an online program that we have available to help you understand a little better how your vehicle works. The wonderful thing about Virtual Vehicle MD is that it contains simplified animations of vehicle parts and systems, allowing us, as professionals, to easily illustrate over 165 of the most common customer vehicle concerns (and counting!). Some examples are:

  • Why a timing belt needs to be replaced
  • What effect warped brake disks/rotors have
  • Why fuel injectors need to be cleaned

We want you, as customers to feel more confident and better understand the services we perform in maintaining your vehicle. Vehicle MD is a way to understand why additional work needs to be completed that will benefit you and your vehicles in the long-term.

Virtual Vehicle MD is constantly being improved with new animations and by updating existing animations so keep coming back to take a look!

We hope you find this informative!

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