The Benefits of Leer Truck Caps in NH

Posted on March 25, 2014

For all of the truck lovers out there, Gurney’s Automotive can be a godsend. As an authorized dealer of Leer truck caps in NH, we can outfit your truck with a high quality durable truck cap. Truck caps come in handy for both residential uses and commercial uses. For your average weekend warrior, a truck with a professionally installed Leer truck cap can help you enjoy exploring New England knowing that you have a camping area right in your vehicle. For commercial uses, having truck caps in NH installed is a wise thing to do as well.

Leer truck caps are a perfect way to make your work truck more secure and rugged. Your work truck is great for hauling massive amounts of construction material. It can transport everything from a bed full of granite to a massive amount of construction tools to the most delicate furniture pieces with no problem at all. Adding a stylish Leer truck cap, however, makes your vehicle much more secure. You won’t have to agonize over the thought of someone stealing your tools at a job site because the truck cap can be tightly locked up. This is beneficial for both residential and commercial use. Any of your possessions can be securely stored and transported using your new Leer truck cap without making you worry.

Protecting Your Cargo

A pickup truck with a Leer truck cap.Truck caps in NH also provide excellent protection against nature’s elements. Pickup truck beds can be exposed to wind, rain, sleet, hail, and snow. Without a truck cap, anything you haul can be severely damaged or even lost while driving. Our Leer truck caps in NH can also surprisingly make your vehicle more fuel efficient. A truck cap actually makes your vehicle more streamlined and wind resistant. We’ve seen Leer truck caps in NH significantly reduce gas consumption by reducing wind resistance on trucks.

And of course, you have to factor in style. Truck caps in NH come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that can greatly add to the aesthetic appeal of your truck. So, whether for work or for play, when you’re interested in Leer truck caps in NH, come to Gurney’s Automotive to have your truck cap professionally and quickly installed.

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