Stay Safe on the Road with New Tires in NH

Posted on July 31, 2014

Part of high-performance summer tireIt is incredibly unsafe to drive a vehicle with damaged or bald tires. A “bald” tire means that the treads on the tire have been completely worn down to the surface of the tire itself. Tires in this condition have very poor traction and can lead to serious accidents if they’re not replaced. Getting new tires in NH is the best way to ensure the safety of you or anyone else travelling in your vehicle. And, at Gurney’s Automotive, we have new tires in stock for any make or model you can think of. By simply clicking here, you can shop on our online store to find the right tire for your vehicle.

If you start to notice the tread depth of your vehicle’s tires are significantly shallow or you see sidewall damage on them, it’s time for you to get new tires in NH. Our New England climate can be significantly rough on our tires. We have to contend with ice, snow, wind and rain, as well as weather damaged roads. All of these take a great toll on the quality of our vehicles’ tires. With bald or damaged tires, your vehicle won’t run at its best; resulting in poor fuel efficiency and reduced traction on the road.

The Benefits of New Tires on the NH Roads

Getting new tires in NH, however, will give you increased safety, better gas mileage, increased performance and an overall better driving experience. New tires provide a vehicle with a cushion of safety for the next 65,000 to 100,000 miles of the vehicle’s life (depending on what type of tires you get). For roughly $400 every seven years, your vehicle can have brand new tires—a small price to pay for a safe driving experience. New tires in NH will also make your vehicle perform much better—reducing the distance it takes for your car to come to a complete stop and making turning much easier and safer.

With new tires, a vehicle also doesn’t have to expend as much energy to keep going. This results in better gas mileage and an overall better driving experience. Worn out tires with an uneven tread pattern not only make handling a vehicle harder but also makes a vehicle use more gas to try to compensate for the damaged tires. After all, tires are the only part of the car that comes in contact with the road so bear the brunt of any harsh terrain.  Come to Gurney’s Automotive to get new tires in NH in order to avoid costly damage in the future.

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