Signs to Consider Auto Repair in NH

Posted on August 26, 2018

Signs to Consider Auto Repair in NHDo you know the signs to consider auto repair in NH? Not enough people know the intricacies of how a vehicle works. They have all these moving parts and technical names. Many people may not know when those car parts aren’t working. Riding in your car can get habitual, and you learn what is and isn’t typical for your vehicle. When certain parts of your car start changing, you’re likely to notice. While it’s reasonable that vehicles may not perform exactly the same over the year, some of those subtle changes may be serious. Here are a few signs to visit a mechanic for auto repair in NH.

Exhaust Smoke

Exhaust smoke is supposed to be lightly colored and come out in regular emissions. Any deviation from that should raise an eyebrow. When your car begins to produce excessive exhaust emissions, or that smoke changes color, that means something is misbehaving in the engine. Black smoke is the result of too much fuel burning, while white smoke if the result of coolant leaking into the engine, and blue smoke signals oil in the combustion chamber. All of these are reasons to receive auto repair in NH.

Decrease in Gas Mileage

You can usually tell how often you’ll need to fill your tank, or just how far $20 of gas will get you. It’s part of knowing your car. When you start to notice your car isn’t getting you as far as it used to on the same amount of gas, there may be reason for concern. A decrease in gas mileage is a telltale sign spark plugs may need replacing, or air filters need cleaning. This will save you money in the long run when you aren’t spending more cash at the gas pump.

Funky Smells

New car smell this isn’t. Cars are bound to lose that new car smell within days of you driving it. It begins to smell like you and whatever you’re storing it. However, most people have had that moment where they say “it smells like something died in here.” If that’s the case for you, it’s time to visit a mechanic. Odd smells like burning mean it’s time for clutch repair. If you smell something more like maple, it may be the coolant. Nevertheless, any unexpected smell should be a sign it’s time to see an auto repair shop.


Nothing is quite as scary as a car making noises it shouldn’t be making. Hearing a sound your car has never made before is the most common reason people go to a mechanic. Some common noises heard are the grinding of brakes, the whining of a transmission, a grinding of the steering wheel. Sometimes you’ll even hear a rattling knock from under the hood. All of these are reason to get your car checked out.

Fluid Leakage

There are so many types of fluids in a car. There’s gas, there’s oil, there’s coolant, and there’s windshield wiper fluid. Leaking of any of these fluids should get you headed to an automotive shop. For one, these fluids all affect how your car drives and the safety of passengers and pedestrians alike. Not to mention some liquids are flammable and around a hot engine, the risk too big to take.

Visit Gurney’s for Quality Auto Repair

Not everybody knows when to visit an automotive shop. Everybody should know their vehicle well enough to know when it’s acting funny. If you notice a change in your exhaust smoke, gas mileage, smell, noises, or fluids, take your car for auto repair in NH. Contact Gurney’s Automotive Repair today or visit them online!

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