Shock and Strut Replacement Nashua

Searching for shock and strut replacement in Nashua? Many drivers aren’t aware their shock and struts need to be replaced about every 50,000 to 100,000 miles—depending, of course, on your vehicle, environmental conditions, and driving style. In the Northeast, where we deal with rain, snow, and salty roads throughout the year, it’s especially important to keep your car on a regular replacement schedule. This protects your vehicle from losing contact with the road and getting into a dangerous accident.

Shock And Strut Replacement Nashua

Do Your Shocks and Struts Need Attention?

Just like getting an oil change, replacing spark plugs, or buying new tires, shock and strut replacement is a regular maintenance item that Nashua drivers need to keep up with. Can’t remember the last time you replaced your shock and struts? These are important components of your suspension system. If they are wearing down, here are some common signs that your vehicle may experience:

  • Bumpiness
  • Jerkiness
  • Difficulty sticking to the road during turns
  • Uneven acceleration

Unfortunately, a poor suspension system can lead to poor handling, loss of control, swerving and even flipping.

Contact Us Today for Shock and Strut Replacement in Nashua!

If you aren’t sure when you last had your shocks and struts replaced, come see the automotive experts at Gurney’s Automotive Repair. Our Nashua location is conveniently located, our automotive technicians are professional and knowledgeable, and we will be able to let you know whether it’s time to replace these components or when you can come back for the service. Our goal is always to make sure you have a safe and smooth driving experience. You’ll find us at 83 Broad Street, Nashua New Hampshire. Make an appointment online or call 603-886-5800 to schedule your visit. If you need shock and strut replacement in Nashua, or just want a suspension system check, come to Gurney’s, the best choice in auto repair for the last 36 years.

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