Pollen: The Damage and the Protection

Posted on June 15, 2017

auto repair in NHIt is that wonderful time of year where the trees are in full bloom. For many individuals, this also means that your allergies are going to be going haywire when you leave your home. It is important to remember that the same pollen that is in the air that is driving you crazy can also lead to problems that require auto repair in NH. The pollen that irritates your allergies is also able to slowly cause issues on the inside and the outside of your car. We all see the green film after parking under a tree, and in New Hampshire, finding a spot away from a tree is nearly impossible.  The pollen that is creating that green layer is slowly causing issues with your car.

Pollen on a microscopic level is not just a film. It is like dust: there are multiple shapes and sizes of the molecules that make up the composition. The pollen has little hooks that stick out, as seen in this image here from the Houston, Texas pollen count. These spikes make it work almost like cactus spikes and help it stick to everything. The spikes aren’t the only thing that the pollen has going for it, though. It is also acidic, which can cause damage to your car if you leave it there. It is important that you know how to remove the pollen correctly and try not to have it come back anytime soon.

Soap and water solve the problem

While a quick rinse of your car removes most of the pollen at first glance, the acidity that is in the pollen actually can react to water alone. The use of soap will ensure that you have all the pollen safely joined in bubbles. It will wash away nicely without too much damage to your car and the paint of the car.


Wax for your car adds a nice layer that will help protect the clear coat of paint on the car. The wax will not only help keep pollen from sticking to your vehicle, but it will also contribute to keeping away many other unwanted pests like beach sand. That way, a gentle water rinse will quickly clear the car off without too much damage. Wax is key to protection against the elements.

Change filters

Once your car is clear of the pollen debris, you can change your car air filter. It will help you continually stop the intruders and keep your air outside. Recirculating air that is inside the car can also contribute to keeping pollen outside as you use limited air from the outside. Also keep windows up to stop them from coming in.

Remember that pollen is not just looking to harm your sinuses, but also to harm your expensive car. So bear in mind that a good wash, whether at home, car wash, or other venue is the best way to protect your vehicle. Do not wait for the rain to wash it away, as soap is key to having a clean car. Save yourself from an auto repair in NH nightmare, and wash your car when pollen hits.

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