Michelin Tires in NH: Breaking New Ground with an Airless Tire

Posted on June 12, 2014

At Gurney’s Automotive, we’ve been in the auto repair business since 1985, so we know how to stay at the forefront of the ever changing landscape of the auto industry. We’ve seen innovations come and go over the last few decades but this latest advance in tire technology has all of us excited! Supplying our customers with high quality Michelin tires in NH has been one of the main services we’ve provided since our inception, so we are especially elated to hear about the breakthroughs that Michelin is developing.

Michelin has finally changed the landscape of the tire industry be unveiling the Michelin Tweel Airless Tire. That’s right, Michelin tires has spent the last decade designing a motor vehicle tire that requires no air! Winner of Equipment World’s 2014 Innovation Award, the Michelin Tweel tire is currently only available for use in the construction field but we hope to soon see it become widely available for more common vehicles.

Michelin’s Tweel Airless Tire Technology

Tires in NH from Gurney's

Michelin tires in NH have always been classic pneumatic tires that offer low contact pressure, low rolling resistance over rough terrain, low vertical stiffness, and low mass per unit load carried; which are all substantial benefits of traditional car tires. However, with the new airless Tweel tire, there are no blowouts and no flats to worry about. The Tweel tire offers all the benefits of its pneumatic counterpart, but without the risk of low pressure or immediate failure.

Michelin made their new breakthrough available commercially when they made the X-Tweel SSL skid steer tire for use with construction vehicles this April.

“With skid steers, there’s not a lot of suspension, no ABS, no dynamic handling system—it’s a simple platform,” says Jack Olney, marketing and sales for Michelin Tweel Technologies. “We wanted to start with a construction tire because the need is very high.”

With the success of the Tweel technology already being put to the test, we’re all hoping to see similar Michelin tires in NH made available to the general public soon. Who wouldn’t like to stop worrying about flat tires, blowouts, and always keeping their eye on the amount of air in their tires?

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