Lesser Common Fluids Found Beneath Your Car

Posted on June 3, 2013

Automatic Transmission/Power Steering Fluid

These fluids can be similar and sometimes identical, so have a professional repair facility confirm the leak. If you need auto repair in Nashua NH, Gurneys can confirm this problem for you.

*Automatic transmission and power steering fluids will usually be a reddish shade of brown and feel oily.

Leaks are usually found under the transmission or transaxle. These fluids also may leak from a transaxle cooling line near the radiator. It will be difficult to pass a NH state inspection if the problem is not addressed.

Power steering fluid

Power steering fluid leaks are found under the front of the engine near the power steering pump of the engine at the steering rack. Check the fluid level. Having power steering leaks can be just as bad, if not worse for your steering than having poor tires in Nashua.

If it doesn’t register on the dipstick, immediately contact your repair facility. If fluid is still on the dipstick, top off the fluid, and monitor how much and how quickly it’s leaking. If there is regular loss, have the problem addressed at your next NH state inspection.

Manual Transmission/Differential Fluid

This oil has an objectionable rotten-egg smell. When it is leaking it can be found under the front and rear differential, manual transmission, or transaxle. It’s difficult to check these fluid levels, so have your vehicle inspected by a professional.

Brake Fluid

Fortunately, leaks of this fluid aren’t common. Brake fluid looks like white wine when it’s new and dark tea when it’s old and dirty. If it is leaking, this might be a sign to get a brake oil change in NH. Because brake fluid is based on vegetable oil, it feels oily. If you find leaking brake fluid, check the level in the brake master cylinder reservoir. If the level is low, top it off.

Brake fluid eats through paint with zeal, so use caution when topping off. Use only the DOT-grade brake fluid recommended in your owner’s manual. If leaking continues and the fluid level is below the midpoint, have your car towed and inspected for a brake fluid leak. *This is a real safety issue, so bring your car in for auto repair in Nashua NH to insure you remain safe.

If your car has a manual transmission, it may use a hydraulic clutch. The hydraulic clutch also uses brake fluid. However, for safety reasons, the clutch and brake reservoirs usually separated, even if they use the same filling point. *If there is a brake fluid leak and the brake master cylinder is full, then it is most likely a clutch fluid leak. One indicator is that the clutch won’t operate as easily; sometimes it can be impossible to shift gears.

If you have any questions about unusual fluid leaks, feel free to contact Gurney’s Automotive. We do auto repair for Nashua NH and Milford NH.

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