Keeping Sand Out Of Your Car

Posted on July 27, 2017

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It is officially beach season in New England! Time to go out, maneuver through some seaweed, and have fun with family and friends. Auto repair in NH can help you get ready for all your trips, providing vital services like checking tire pressure and ensuring that you are set to drive. Still, remember that sand gets everywhere at the beach. Dust can comfortably rest inside your car. While it usually will affect the exterior and underneath, it should be kept away from the inside of the car as much as possible. Especially when there isn’t much, you can do once you find it. It is usually there to stay. These few tips from Molly Maid can help you limit the sand that gets into your car.



Shake Out Everything

Wave those towels and blankets to make sure sand gets removed from everything. When you get to your vehicle before putting everything in or opening your car doors, shake the most you can. Also, consider shaking out your hair to remove salt and sand that may be inside your hair and get into your seats. Sand fits well in crevices, so it is important that you consider that when you need to shake out.


Bring Some Chairs

Obviously, if you sit in chairs, you are less likely to get sand on you. The seats give you an added advantage at the beach because you won’t sit in the sand that will stick to you. Also, consider drying off as soon as you can before you sit down. This way, you lay down in the sand or have your children play without accumulating a whole new layer of crusty, sand-coated skin. The more sand that you have on your body, the harder it is for you to keep it away from your car, so observe these tips to keep dust away from you.


Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Rinse out everything that is light enough to bring to the water and clean them to the best of your ability. It is important to remember that even if it was in your bag, there might be sand on it. Even consider bringing your cooler to rinse off if it is empty and light. More rinses won’t harm you; it will just ensure that there is less sand to drive you crazy months later. It will prevent future auto repair in NH.


Dust Off

Consider bringing an old make-up brush with you. It can help you brush your hands and feet off to get off any excess sand. While you may think you are clear, just by walking to the car, you will get more sand on your feet. If you brush off your feet and hands that have been attracting sand all the while, you will have less dust to clear. Don’t use your towel -it already has sand on it so that it won’t be as effective. If you don’t have a brush, have other towels in the car for last minute washing.


Use Old Sheets and Blankets

Putting down old blankets or towels in the back of your vehicle will allow you to have a little bit more protection for your vehicle. While you rinsed everything off, there is still sand that clings to everything. Consider having something to cover seats, the floor, or anything you want to try to keep dust from, especially if you are still wet as well.



While preventing debris from entering your car is nearly impossible, you can limit the amount of sand that you will be cleaning down the road. Consider these tips when you go to the beach, or for any outdoor activity where you could carry something into the car with you. Think about what you need and plan accordingly, so you have less of a mess later and do not have to deal with auto repair in NH!

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