Gurney’s is the best place to get tires in Nashua NH!

Posted on May 6, 2013

Looking for the best place to get tires in Nashua NH? We fulfill all needs for tires around Nashua and the surrounding area. Gurney’s offers a wide selection of tires at both of our locations to keep you safe on the road. Feel free to browse our online inventory for the best selection of tires in Nashua NH to help you find the perfect tires! Gurney’s carries all of the major brands to find the one that best matches your vehicle.

We offer the following services for your tires in Nashua NH:

  • Flat tire repair
  • Tire and wheel  replacement
  • Tire rotation and alignments
  • Roadside towing service for severe cases
Do you need tires in Nashua NH?

Do you need tires in Nashua NH?

Are you due for new tires?

Residents around NH will want to get their tires changed before they are worn out and become dangerous. It is often difficult to tell whether the treads on your rubber have been stripped or if your tires need to be realigned. If you have any questions about tires in the Nashua NH area, feel free to come by our shop to have them answered by our technicians. We offer tire rotations, re-treading services, and even realignments.

Worn tread on tires can make driving very dangerous, and it becomes exponentially dangerous when the roads are wet. Bald tires do not channel water behind the vehicle, leading to hydroplaning and difficult steering. A vehicle’s tires in Nashua have to be up to standard at all times to be sure the community is safe.  You can get cheap tires in Nashua at BJ’s and Costco, but they start with significantly less tread than ours. In the long run, you will want to invest in tires that last a long time.


We offer something that not all locations do: we balance the two tires going to the front of the vehicle. If a tire is off balance on the rear of the vehicle you might not notice it in the front. To avoid vibrations that might be felt from the tires moved to the front we “road force” balance the tires to simulate driving to prevent that issue. Road force balancing is when we apply 1,400 pounds (634 kg) of force against the wheel and tire assembly to measure their combined uniformity. This will simulate what is felt by your tires on the roads of Nashua. It helps us verify if the assembly is “round” when rolling. We also have a state of the art alignment rack system that uses vehicle specifications, cameras and exact adjustment measurements to ensure your alignment gets the most out of your tires.

When is the best time to replace tires in NH?

Tires, especially tires that endure NH winters, should be considered for maintenance in the springtime for many reasons. As a rule of thumb, many residents take advantage of NH tax returns to cover their tire needs. Another reason why spring is the best time to buy tires in Nashua NH is because the high volume of summer driving in months when roads are clear.

Both of our locations for tires in Milford and Nashua NH are Authorized Michelin Dealers, so we get outstanding deals from Michelin and pass them on to the customer.

But the best reason of all to buy tires in the spring is because, between now and April 15th, we have a Michelin promotion for tires in Nashua NH! Gurney’s is a participating dealer of the Michelin Promise Plan, dealing tires that are backed by a Michelin’s promise.

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