Getting Tires replaced in Nashua

Posted on June 10, 2013

Spring is the time of year when most people have to get their tires replaced around New England. Tires in Nashua, or around the area, can be a very tricky business. There are a few things that you have to know if you’re getting new tires in Nashua NH. Dry rot can be a very taxing affair on your tires, and certainly your wallet.

What is dry rot?

Dry rot is when the rubber in your tires begins to crack due to harsh weather commonly seen here in Nashua NH. It is especially common during the blustery span between February and May, where cold winds and dry weather can chap lips and cause nose bleeds. After enduring a long and snow-filled winter, your snow tires can be very susceptible to dry rot.

Spotting dry rot usually happens when your tires seem partially deflated. If you have had to stop and inflate your tires regularly around Nashua NH, you may have dry rot or another structural problem with the rubber.

*Look for the early stages of cracking in your tires. Think of the rubber as a delicate skin—except it is holding PSI within and having to support your automobile.

Snow tires versus all-season tires

The difference between snow tires and all-season tires is in the names; one is for snow and one is for all season. The treads of snow tires in Nashua NH during the summer can become worn down if you’re driving in hot weather. Consequently, all-season tires will not perform quite as well as snow tires in the snow. With all-season tires, what you gain in versatility, you lose in specificity of terrain tread.

Also bear in mind that it is not a good idea to mix snow and all-season tires on your vehicle. It is okay to drive with mixed types of wheels if you’re using one as a spare, but you don’t want to make a habit out of it. This also means that when changing tires at a lot of places in Nashua NH, you may not be able to use your spare rubber if it doesn’t match the other three; this forces you to buy two rather than one.

Gurney’s Automotive offers flat repair and other needs for your tires in Nashua NH. We are also currently offering a Michelin promotion to save our friends a few bucks in Southern New Hampshire. Feel free to stop by either our Milford or Nashua auto body shops for your tire needs this spring!

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