Concerned About Oil?

Posted on July 13, 2017

Oil change in NHWhile you continue to maintain your car, it is important that you think of the parts you don’t see. Checking your brakes and fluids is something that often gets overlooked, especially with new car owners. One important part of your vehicle’s maintenance is making sure you get an oil change in NH. When you don’t modify the oil, it can harm your engine and make your vehicle work harder on average everyday driving. The wear and tear of the car need to be consistent, which is why you need to make sure that you have regular oil changes.

Knowing if you need an oil change can be as simple as checking when the last oil change occurred. Typical oil changes rely on the mileage or a date. The driving that you do determines whether you go by the distance or the time. Oil changes usually occur at least every three months or 3,000-5,000 miles or so. Even if you know when it is recommended to modify the oil, you can always check the oil yourself when the time approaches, or you have no sticker.

Checking your oil is not as scary as it sounds. All you need to do is pop the hood and locate the dipstick for the engine oil. Typically in newer model cars, it has a label and usually bright yellow, so you can notice it. To check the oil, though, you will need a lint-free rag. When you remove the dipstick, wipe off the oil that is already on the dipstick. The oil may be up to the stick just with the engine running.

After you wipe off the previous oil, dip the stick all the way into the slot then remove it. It will allow you to check the level of the oil as well as the color of the oil. It is important that you look on the dipstick and learn what your dipstick has a gauge.

What you need to look at the level of the oil. Usually, the dipstick will have lines, be labeled H and L or have a set of circles. What you want to see is for the level to be closest to the “high” gauge. So, the largest circle or notch it should be towards this one, not towards the lower one. If it is towards the lower one, then you need to consider calling your garage to get an oil change in NH.

Another thing that you want to look out for would be the color. Your oil should be clear. Should there be any color, then the oil has run its course, and you should consider taking your car in for an oil change.

We know that remembering the hidden parts of your vehicle is hard. It is important that you don’t let these parts of your car slide under the rug. While you may want to try to push off an oil change or any other car maintenance, it could lead to disaster

For your oil change in NH, call Gurney’s Automotive Repair, and we will take care of you.

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