Common Reasons Cars Fail Safety Inspections in NH

Posted on January 21, 2016

Mechanic in Nashua from Gurney's AutomotiveFor drivers around Nashua and Milford, they are able to join us over at Gurney’s Automotive for their NH state inspection. Receiving a passing review from a professional on your car inspection allows you to rest well, knowing your car is in proper working order. Gurney has seen nearly every reason why a vehicle fails inspection, but here are a few common ways.

Reasons Cars Fail the NH State Inspection

Wipers. Though this might seem like such a small aspect of a car, it’s very important! Without windshield wipers that don’t work well, you are less likely to be able to see the roads in front of you in bad weather. You might be accustomed to wipers that don’t work well, but making sure they are free of tears can save you from having to have your vehicle inspected twice.

Brakes. There are many elements to your brake system that need to be in working order before you can pass an inspection. Brake pads, piston, lines, rotors, and caliper are all essential to being able to brake properly and are a large aspect of any safety inspection in NH.
Lights. Though we will often notice when a headlight is out in our car while driving at night, other items like turn signals and taillights might be more difficult to notice. Before your inspection, turn on your car and have a friend examine your lights as you use the lights, brakes, and turn signals.

Tires. Having old tires can be a hazard to you and anyone one the road with you because it isn’t uncommon for blow outs and other accidents to happen with worn treads. Appropriate tread depth is essential, as well as being free of nails and other objects that impact their integrity.

NH state inspections are not fun, but Gurney’s tries to make them as enjoyable as possible. Our waiting room is ready with accessible Wi-Fi and comfortable seating to make your visit as comfortable as possible. With more questions about our services, give us a call today in Nashua at (603) 886-5800 or Milford at (603) 249-5552.

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