Bosch Service Credit Cards

Posted on March 4, 2013

Bosch Service Credit Cards make for convenient auto repair for Nashua & Milford NH customers.

If you could anticipate accidents, they wouldn’t be called accidents in the first place. The same goes for auto repair, if you cold foresee something happening with your vehicle, it would be a lot more stress-free. Gurney’s has made a point over the years to make dealing with a vehicle repair as painless as possible. One way Gurney’s has tried to ease the burden is by offering great financing through the Bosch Service Credit Card will make that experience even better.

Afford a NH State Inspection Today

Gurney’s Automotive understands that times can be very tough, especially in this economy, which is why we continue to make things easier for auto repair in NH. In partnership with Bosch, Gurney’s is offering the Bosch Service Credit Card as a 6 month promotion with absolutely no interest! The card can help with the following NH auto repair needs:

  • Oil change
  • Truck caps
  • Truck accessories
  • NH Auto repair
  • Tires
  • NH State inspections
  • Truck caps

Upon approval and a minimum purchase of $299, you can use this service card to assist with payments with absolutely NO INTEREST if paid in full within the first 6 months. We offer this as a budget tool for unexpected auto repairs in NH, since it can often be hard to come up with the money on short notice without the burdens of interest.

With the Bosch credit card, Gurney’s hopes to alleviate the inconvenience of being without a vehicle. Whether you’re off the road temporarily, needing new tires, or a few repairs to pass NH state inspection, the program can help things move along more smoothly so no busy schedules need to be interrupted.

The Bosch Service card comes with no annual fee and will keep your other credit cards open when paying for auto repair. Applying takes less than a minute and can be done right here online. Please see our Bosch Service Credit Card page for more details. You can begin using your new card for auto repairs on the very same day it is opened!

Feel free to stop by either our Nashua or Milford locations for more information about saving money on auto repair in NH.

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