The Benefits of Truck Caps

Posted on November 26, 2014

A pickup truck with a Leer truck cap.Do you own a truck? Have you ever considered a truck cap? If you haven’t, let us explain why you should consider one. If you have considered one, let us explain why LEER truck caps are one of the best brands out there.

LEER truck caps are made out of strong fiberglass or durable aluminum. The caps are resistant to rust so they are perfect for traveling in all kinds of weather. With the coming season, truck caps are ideal for protection from freezing rain and snow. They also protect any equipment you might have and allow you to maximize the space in the bed of your truck. That means increasing the amount of equipment you can carry in one load and decreasing the number of trips you might have to make.

The caps are also extremely lightweight, making them ideal for vehicles that travel often and carry heavy loads. They don’t add too much to the overall weight of the truck, thus minimally effecting gas usage. In fact, the cap actually helps decrease gas usage by changing to the aerodynamics of the truck. The truck cap will prevent air from sinking into the bed of your truck and, instead, slide smoothly over the entire vehicle.

Just about one out of every five trucks in the United States has a truck cap on it. Choose Gurney’s Automotive to help you find the cap that’s perfect for your truck. We have a variety of LEER truck caps available. Stop by one of our shops today to see for yourself!

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