Genuine, OEM, Aftermarket? What’s The Difference?

Posted on April 23, 2018

auto repair in NHFinding new car parts that you need when you require auto repair in NH is daunting. There are many different options for parts that all claim to do the same thing. Then you hear individuals talking about how they only go to Aftermarket, Genuine, or OEM. When you are not aware of the lingo and do not fully know the parts that you need, trying to make the right decision for your car will cause a headache. You may go with something that will not work or be more expensive than what you had to pay. When it comes to car parts, there are three major versions that you should consider. They are Genuine, OEM, and Aftermarket parts, according to Consumer Automotive Research. At Gurney’s Automotive, we want you to know what we are talking about, so we are going to help you understand these parts.


Genuine car parts are the items that you get in your vehicle when you purchase a new car. These parts have the car company’s logo all over it, so you know that they came from the business directly. However, these originate from another company with the logo put on them. Then, they got shipped to the manufacturing company of the car. Since it has the logo on it, these parts are the most expensive parts you can choose.

When you are still under warranty is the best time to get these parts because of the difference in price, which can be almost double what you would pay for other parts. However, when you have a warranty, they cannot stop you from using different parts. The Federal Trade Commission passed a law that made it illegal for the company to void your warranty or even deny you coverage because you want an aftermarket part. It also protects you if you want to go somewhere else for services.


OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These parts are the parts built by the original company that made the pieces now in the new cars. The only difference between these parts and genuine parts is that OEM parts do not have a logo on them. For that reason, they tend to be a little cheaper than the real parts. If you are not under warranty, but your car is still relatively new, these parts are the best ones to choose for your vehicle.


The Aftermarket parts can offer a stronger performance than original parts. These parts get made by a different company other than the original company that made the part. These companies need to buy the rights to produce the parts that they are building. So, while some look slightly different, they are the same exact part. They even tend to run better because the companies have a chance to see what failed in the original part design and fix it. For older cars, these are the way to go because they are much cheaper than the genuine parts and will work just as well.

In addition to these three main categories of parts, there are rebuilt/remanufactured parts, which will use an original component and replace the worn parts on the interior. Refurbished/reconditioned parts are old, cleaned parts that possibly have a few nuts and bolts replaced and then get offered to the public.

Once broken down, the choice in car parts is relatively simple: it comes down to what your car needs and what you can afford. Taking advantage of warranty is great, but it is also good to compare parts that you do not understand in-depth. If you have any questions about car parts and want them answered, call Gurney’s Automotive today. We will help set you straight and provide the auto repair in NH you need.

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