Auto Repair in NH: 5 Benefits of Professional Vehicle Detailing

Posted on January 29, 2015

Auto repair in NH from Gurney'sAt Gurney’s, we specialize in all aspects of auto repair in NH. And, unlike our competitors, we stand by all the work we do by providing a 2 year or 24k mile warranty for all the jobs we undertake. When looking for high quality auto repair in NH, you’re not going to find similar warranties anywhere. Since our inception back in 1985, we’ve strived to exceed all of our customers’ expectations whenever they bring their vehicle to us.

And, not only do we offer the best auto repair in NH, but we also offer crucial maintenance services like auto detailing – a deep cleaning of the interior and/or exterior of your vehicle. While the importance of keeping your vehicle clean may be under looked by many, it’s still necessary to keep your vehicle performing at its best. This is why we’d like to go over five benefits of having your vehicle professionally detailed.

  1. Makes your vehicle look its best – Most likely the best reason to have your vehicle professionally detailed is how beautiful it makes it look. We know what type of products and methods to use to make your car look fantastic.
  2. Prevents faded paint – Overtime, it’s natural for a vehicle’s paint job to fade a bit. The best way to avoid this is by having it thoroughly detailed every 3 months or so. The products we use will decrease the likelihood of aesthetic problems like fading, etching and swirling.
  3. Removes contaminants – Vehicles, especially in New England, are exposed to a variety of harsh natural elements that can build up and damage paint jobs. Even more than washing your car on your own, professional detailing will remove all the dirt, debris, and other damaging contaminants.
  4. Keeps vehicle looking cleaner longer – Because professional detailing is a much more thorough cleaning method than washing your vehicle on your own, it actually makes your car look cleaner for a significantly longer time. A professional cleaning can last around two weeks or more.
  5. Helps retain vehicle’s value – If you’re considering selling your vehicle at some point, professional detailing is an affordable investment that will substantially boost its resale value. Regular detailing will keep your vehicle in great condition for a long time.

If you’re interested in professional vehicle detailing or auto repair in NH, contact us at:
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