Why Flush Coolant?

Posted on November 21, 2017

mechanic in NashuaThe cooling system in your car is essential, especially during summer or winter. The system relies on fluids to help it function well. It is easy to tell if your cooling system isn’t up to par. However, it is always a good idea to have it checked by your mechanic in Nashua at any time to ensure that everything works right. Like with an oil change, a coolant flush is fundamental to making sure your air works correctly.

When you drive your car, you typically use anti-freeze and coolant. Whether you realize it or not, air constantly pushes from your engine into your vehicle. As you use your engine, air runs through the system using the coolant in your radiator. It allows your car to get nice and chill or warm, depending on the time of year. Still, remember that while you think about changing the coolant, some residue may lurk elsewhere in the radiator.

Not all of the coolant drains out of the radiator at all times. Old fluid builds up for months as you use your air system throughout the year. Remember that when this happens, you must replace and flush out the entire system to clean out old fluid.

Any car engine becomes susceptible to damage, especially when your fluids fail. Many manufacturers recommend that you change your coolant every two years or about 30,000 miles. It depends on how you drive your car. The options vary depending on your driving style. Also, consider the age of your vehicle. The older the car, the less efficient it usually is due to new automobile standards.

The professionals at Gurney’s Automotive are the best people to turn to if you need to know when your car needs fluid changes. If you realize anything is wrong, there’s probably a leak. Address it right away. Leaks may not be noticeable right away. However, if you continuously add coolant to the car, you probably have a leak and need to repair it. It makes it easier for you to go the time recommended for changing your fluids.

While coolant flushes happen at home, just like with oil changes, you need to read the manual. Going DIY is not recommended. Many cars make it difficult to find the right spots for what you need without lifting. Also, air can get caught, so it is best that you bring it into your trusted mechanic in Nashua to ensure that you have an excellent working cooling system year-round.

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