Tips To Keep Your Car Clean

Posted on September 25, 2017

auto repair in Nashua, NHDuring vacations, it seems that you always finish the week with random crackers and other trash all over your once clean car. Dirt and other debris are hard to keep out of your vehicle, but it is possible. It is best to be proactive about the messes that may accumulate in your car to keep it clean. Whether it is dirt, food, or other issues, there are plenty of ways that you could avoid getting a big mess in your car in the first place. Consider these few little tips, and you can keep a relatively clean car and avoid auto repair in Nashua, NH.



Kick Off Your Dirt

When it comes to any occasion where you pick up dirt and sand, it is best to try to dust yourself off the best you can. Kicking off any dirt or debris that may have gotten on your shoes is a good way to try to stop the dust from littering up your floor. While this will not remove all of your dirt, it is a good way to try to remove some of it.


Keep A Trash Bag In Your Car

Whether you think you will need it or not, there are always instances where you might. It is best to have some. You don’t need to have a fancy trash bag, but you can use little shopping bags or small bathroom barrel trash bags to catch anything you may need to get out of your car. Though you may have a rule against eating in your vehicle, there are always the instances where it may happen.


Clean Up Anything ASAP

Whether you have kids, pets, or drive by yourself, you are bound to spill something at some point. The best thing to do is to find a way to clean up as soon as possible, whether that means wiping it down with water or a full on clean with car care products. It will help prevent sticky, smelly messes in your vehicle that may lead to auto repair in Nashua, NH.


Dog Covers

If you have a furry friend that you like having in the car with you, consider doggy covers for your seats. Unless you have a spot for your friend, like the back of a wagon, then this will be a good way to try to keep some fur from taking over your car. Hair is hard to clean up and will hang around for a while.



If you know you have a messy family, consider trying to upgrade to leather seats. While they do have their drawbacks, they are relatively easy to clean, as most things just wipe off. However, leather gets hot in summers and cold in winters, and can easily scratch and crack.



Only you know what you need to do to keep your car clean. Each person has their vehicle rules, but for the most part, these five little tips can help anyone keep their car spic and span. Remember that cleaning your car every so often is important, as well as keeping up with auto repair in Nashua, NH. While you can solve some things yourself, sometimes it is best to splurge and have it detailed. Your car will thank you.

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