White Chocolate Brownie Trifle

Posted on October 1, 2012

Earlier this summer I had the privilege to visit some family in Louisiana. For me, that means eating lots of gumbo, smoked meats, boudin, collard greens and my brothers cornbread, to name a few. We talk about our next meal as we’re eating the present, reminiscing about how Mama sure could cook. Prepping for supper we have our afternoon coffee and a lot of laughing goes on between chopping, slicing and dicing. We enjoy each other’s specialty, but most of all just being together again. My sister-in-law, Karen, is known for her quick and easy desserts. I didn’t get to have this during my visit but she was kind enough to send me the recipe. It’s a great dish to make for a large crowd or cookout since it serves so many. Enjoy it with family and friends and good cup of coffee! Click for full recipe

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