Car Rust Repair Milford

Lincoln Repair MilfordDoes your car have rust on the rocker panels, cab mounts, or flooring? Unfortunately, rust is a common problem in New England. Not only do we have salt air and wet wintery conditions, but road salt and other types of de-icing products contribute to rust as well. These combined with general exposure to the elements means that many cars are likely to experience rust issues at some point.

Rust is unsightly but worse, it can be a safety issue once it starts to cause structural damage. Vehicles are designed to provide a safe frame to protect drivers, but rust can compromise the integrity of the metal in a number of ways, including your vehicle’s ability to absorb impact from collisions. Areas that are compromised by rust may cause early structural failure or increase the chance of injury. If you’ve noticed areas of rust beginning to form on the rocker panels, cab mounts, flooring, or frame, it’s important to bring it in for auto body rust repair to ensure your vehicle remains safe!

Comprehensive Rust Repair

We offer rust repair on all makes and models, including domestics, imports, diesels, and hybrids. Our ASE-certified technicians will weld new metal onto the corroded areas of your vehicle and ensure that it’s able to pass the NH state inspection. We’ll also apply an undercoat for added rust protection.

To learn more about our auto rust repair services or to schedule an appointment at our Milford location, contact Gurney’s Automotive Repair at 603-249-5552 or request an appointment online.

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