Auto AC Repair Nashua

If you’re searching for auto AC repair in Nashua, you can always rely on Gurney’s Automotive! We’ve provided reliable, honest repairs to our Nashua community for over 35 years. We never push any unnecessary services and always treat you how we would want to be treated. Our technicians and service advisors are ASE-certified, so you can feel confident you’re receiving skilled, knowledgeable advice. Gurney’s also backs all repairs with a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty. Schedule your appointment for a car air conditioning service today by calling 603-886-5800 or request an appointment online.

How Do I Know I Need Car Air Conditioning Service?

The air conditioning system is one of those features many drivers overlook until it stops working in the middle of the summer. Depending on the temperatures, it’s not just a matter of comfort—it can be a legitimate health concern. For many vehicles, the AC system also plays a vital role during the winter months. That’s why it’s important to schedule a routine car air conditioning service to keep your system well-maintained. The AC system has many components, including a compressor, an expansion valve that regulates the flow of the refrigerant, and two heat exchangers, including the evaporator and condenser. These all work together to create cool air for the cab of the car.

Auto AC Repair NashuaSo, how can you tell if you need auto AC repair from our Nashua shop? One of the most obvious signs is warm air coming from the vents. This can be caused by several factors. The AC system is what’s referred to as a “closed system.” This means that the pressurized refrigerant stays contained within it, and it doesn’t deplete or escape unless there’s a leak. Once you have a refrigerant leak, the AC system isn’t able to cool the air. Often, the age of the system plays a role. Even with routine maintenance, older cars are more likely to experience leaks because of years of exposure to heat, vibration, and general wear and tear. Some other signs you need auto AC repair at our Nashua shop include:

  • Little or no airflow coming from the vents
  • A mildewy smell coming from the vents
  • Odd noises when you turn on the AC
  • Water on the floorboards
  • The air goes from cold to hot

Visit Us Today for Reliable Auto AC Repair in Nashua!

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a car air conditioning service, it’s best to have it done before the hot weather hits to make sure you stay safe and comfortable. Besides our AC services, we offer every service your car needs to stay well-maintained, including general maintenance, NH state inspections, tires, and more. Schedule your auto AC repair appointment at our Nashua location today by calling us at 603-886-5800.

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