Alternator Repair Milford

Does your car need alternator repair? At Gurney’s Automotive, we provide honest repairs and maintenance and friendly, personalized service. We care about our Milford community and are committed to our Core Values and our Rules of the Road. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated, and will never push any unnecessary services or repairs. Our service advisors are just that – trusted advisors who will work with you to find the best options for you, your car, and your budget. Our ASE-certified technicians are some of the best in New England and we stand by all repairs with a 2-year, 24,000 –mile warranty. Schedule your appointment with us today by calling 603-249-5552 or contact us online.

Alternator Repair Milford

If you’ve noticed your car has started having electrical issues, like dimmer headlights or the radio suddenly shutting off, you may need alternator repair or replacement. The alternator works with your battery to supply power to the vehicle’s electrical system by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy while the engine is running. It takes a significant amount of battery power to start your car and keep it running, so without the alternator, the battery’s power reserve wouldn’t last very long. The electrical system in your car relies on the alternator to fully power components, so electrical issues are common when an alternator is starting to fail. Some signs you may need alternator replacement or repair are:

  • If your vehicle is equipped with a warning indicator light in the dashboard (titled “ALT” or “GEN”) it will be illuminated
  • The headlights are dim or flickering
  • Electrical issues, such as slow power windows or dim dashboard lights
  • Odd squealing, grinding or growling noises
  • Your car stalls or has difficulty starting

If your electrical issues can be fixed with an alternator repair, we’ll replace the parts that aren’t functioning or are near failure. However, in some cases, you may need a complete alternator replacement. Our service advisors will discuss your options so you can make an informed decision. Whether you need factory maintenance, tires, a state inspection, or a repair, you can rely on Gurney’s Automotive for your complete auto care. We have two convenient locations to serve you in Milford and Nashua. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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