Cranberry Chutney

Posted on January 22, 2014

Every Thanksgiving is very special but this one seemed to be more precious because Bill and I was with family in Kentucky. We were so happy to see everyone, especially Mama. At 86, she came downstairs dressed for dinner in jeans and a cute corduroy jacket, a chunky necklace and a little make-up! It was a beautiful sight to see her sitting at the table and Oliver, her 8 month old great-grandson across from her, capturing everyone’s attention. He is such a happy baby. Bonnie and Marty were such gracious hosts. Dinner was awesome! She whipped up a Cranberry Chutney. One word describes it: delicious! I think you will enjoy it, not only around the holidays but making sweet memories around the table with loved ones! Will go well with ham, chicken or pork!

Click Here For Full Recipe!

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