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Gurney’s Automotive is the best place to get tires in Nashua NH & Milford NH

We fulfill all needs for tires around Nashua NH and the surrounding area. Gurney’s Automotive offers a wide selection of tires at both of our locations to keep you safe on the road. Feel free to browse our online inventory for the best selection of tires in Nashua NH & Milford NH to help you find the perfect tires! Gurney’s Automotive carries all of the major brands to find the one that best matches your vehicle.

We offer the following services for your tires in Nashua NH:

  • Flat tire repair
  • Tire and wheel replacement
  • Tire rotation and alignments
  • Road force wheel balancing

Tires in Nashua Tires in Milford

Are you due for new tires?

As a resident in NH and the changing seasons, there is great importance to consistently maintain and replace your tires before they are worn out and become unsafe. There are many different wear patterns that can develop on your tires, that can result from different issues such as suspension or an alignment. If those are left unfixed or have been fixed but unfortunately caused your tires to wear unevenly, it can compromise the strength of the rubber. If you are unsure about the current condition of your tires, whether they are loud, look soft, lack grip on the road or anything else, feel free to come by either of our location to speak to one of our highly trained technicians.

Rotations and Alignments

When having your tires rotated at Gurney’s Automotive, we offer something that not all automotive shops do: we balance the two tires going to the front of the vehicle. If a tire is off balance on the rear of the vehicle you might not notice it when moved to in the front. To avoid vibrations that might be felt we “road force” balance the tires and adjust appropriate weights on the tire to ensure it is distributing the weight evenly, hence getting rid of any vibration. Road force balancing is when we apply 1,400 pounds of force against the wheel and tire assembly to measure their combined uniformity. This will simulate what is felt by your tires on the road, essentially, it helps us verify if the tires is “round” when rolling.

Gurney’s Automotive also has a state of the art alignment rack system. This alignment rack uses vehicle specifications, cameras and exact adjustment measurements to ensure your alignment gets the most out of your tires. Alignments are usually recommended once a year to properly maintain your tires and anytime major suspension or steering repairs are made to avoid any abnormal wear in your tires.

When is the best time to replace tires in NH?

Tires, especially tires that endure NH season’s, should be inspected at the beginning of each season. In the Fall/Winter as the weather becomes colder, pressures change, icy and snowy conditions are present and without proper tread and tire pressures, it can deplete proper handling needed to stop on slick surfaces or avoid objects in the road. In spring/summer, many NH residences are taking road trips to the beach or camping. Pot holes from the winter residual can misalign your car and cause your tires to wear unevenly. For many NH families, nicer weather equals, more day trips and vacations. Driving longer distances, in sometimes very hot weather, it is important for Gurney’s Automotive to check your tire pressures to help with gas mileage and weight control as well as tread to make sure you have the best handling for sandy roads.

For some, driving a car that is used for minimal miles through the years could mean that although the tread is good on the tires, the age of the tire could jeopardize its reliability. With the four seasons, air in the tires and the rubber expand and contract and over time, the rubber becomes dry. When rubber dries out, cracks can begin and if they get deep enough compromising the strength of the tire which in turn could cause a blow by going over a road bump, leaving you unsafe on the side of the road.

The most common time to replace your tires is when your tread becomes worn to the tire “wear bars”. These are small bridges that form between your treads. As the tires wear, these bars will become flush (level or even) with the tire’s tread. At this point, it’s time to replace the tires. For NH state inspection requirements, the minimum specification of tires is at 2/32”. New tire tread usually begin at 10-12/32” depending on the type of tire. Sometimes when purchasing tires at discount club places, tread will begin at 7-8/32”, hence, the discounted price, so be weary. Gurney’s Automotive only offers some of the best brands and quality tires in the industry at great prices to ensure the longevity and safety when your vehicle. Tires are the only thing between your car and the road making it a very important to keep in good shape.

Both of our locations for tires in Milford and Nashua NH are Authorized Michelin Dealers, so we get outstanding deals from Michelin and pass them on to the customer. With that, if you need tires this spring, between now and April 15th, we have a Michelin promotion for tires! Gurney’s Automotive is a participating dealer of the Michelin Promise Plan, dealing tires that are backed by a Michelin’s promise, as well as offering FREE Lifetime Rotations when you come in for another service with the purchase of any 4 tires.


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