Snow Plows for Sale Nashua

Are you looking for snow plows for sale in Nashua? New Hampshire winters can bring a lot of snow, so if you have a long driveway to maintain or a commercial business, a snow plow is essential. Whether you have to plow your driveway through the winter to clear your way to your home or plow your commercial business’s parking lot to ensure your fleet of service vehicles can get to work, Gurney’s Automotive Repair is your source for Hiniker plows!

Snow Plows For Sale NashuaWe are an authorized dealer of Hiniker snow plows and have knowledgeable staff who can help you find the right equipment for your needs. Hiniker carries a variety of plows that fit different trucks; we will outfit your vehicle(s) with the right plow so you can take control of the snow! For example, the Hiniker C Plow looks like a conventional heavy-duty blow. It has the power to plow residential driveways, parking lots, and loading docks. Then, at the press of a button, it can turn into a back drag plow, making it easy to remove snow buildup from curbs, garage aprons, and tight corners. Then simply touch the button again to turn it back into a conventional plow and push the snow away!

A Collection of High-Quality Products

That’s just one example of the snow plows for sale at our Nashua facility. All Hiniker snow plows are built to last with high-quality materials ready to handle the elements year after year. They are dent-resistant and corrosion-free, made of poly moldboard that offers less friction so snow moves easier. You can count on bright halogen lights that offer clear visibility and greater safety while plowing, as well as plows that are designed to hold up functionally and aesthetically. The color is impregnated into the poly models (stainless steel plows available as well) so they don’t scratch or rust off but continue to look good for years.

If you perform winter property maintenance, come see the snow plows for sale at Gurney’s Automotive Repair in Nashua! We will help you get snow handled.

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