Flat Tire Nashua

Flat Tire NashuaYou’ve gotten a flat tire in Nashua. Darn it! It is always a pain to have a flat tire, but calling Gurney’s Automotive Repair can make the experience as smooth as possible. Our experienced auto technicians will be able to fix your flat tire or replace your tire if needed. We always try tire repair first, as it is faster and cheaper for our customers. Unfortunately, if the sidewall of your tire has been punctured or damaged, then the tire is not fixable. This can happen if you hit a curb on the side of your tire while parking, if the tire gets punctured by a nail or other sharp object in the wrong spot, or if the tire is worn out and the sidewall shows signs of breaking down. Our first priority is making sure that your vehicle is safe to drive – bald tires are absolutely not safe to drive. They can lose contact with the road, cause violent bumpiness while driving, and even blowout at high speeds. All of these are extremely dangerous and can lead to accidents or flipping the vehicle, which is why we work hard to fix tires properly or encourage new ones when necessary.

Once you’ve gotten a flat tire in Nashua, you need a professional to let you know if it’s repairable. Come to our shop at 83 Broad Street for all your tire needs. If we can fix the flat tire, you can sit in our comfortable waiting room while the repairs are underway. If we need to replace the tire (which unfortunately can mean replacing more than one tire if you have a four-wheel drive and the tires need to be calibrated together) you are welcome to wait, get dropped off at work/school/other destination, or borrow a loaner car for a small fee.

As always, we are going to make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive before you leave the lot. That means checking the tire pressure, calibrating correctly, and installing securely. We want you to have a safe and pleasant driving experience. If you have a flat tire in Nashua, come to Gurney’s Automotive Repair for reliable tire service.

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