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Occasionally our satisfied customers reach out to us after receiving service with Gurney's Automotive. Take some time to read the reviews below, and if you would like to include your own review please don't hesitate to Contact Us anytime or choose a link below!

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AAA Review*****
February 24, 2015

“Best repair shop in Nashua, treated like family.”


Yelp Review *****
December 31, 2014

Gurney’s Automotive is a nice, clean, honest shop.  Isn’t that the best thing you can say about an auto repair place?  “Honest”.  Sometimes that means bad news (and expensive news).  I have experienced quite a few auto repair facilities.  I’ve relocated around the country several times in the last twenty years.  For seven years now, Gurney’s is my place.  Gurney’s is the best auto repair shop I’ve had the pleasure to do business with in the USA!

First of all you should know, if you live or work in Nashua/Merrimack area, Gurney’s has a free shuttle that will take you to your home/work and pick you up when your car is done.  Or if you need a vehicle, they have a loaner car available for a small fee.  Those services make Gurney’s convenient but they shine on know-how and service.  Their techs know their stuff and they back-up their work.

I get my oil changed at Gurney’s in my truck as well as my wife’s car.  At first I thought Gurney’s was a touch more expensive on the oil changes but the fifth oil change is free so they end up being cheaper.  I even stopped buying tires at Costco and started getting them at Gurney’s because their price was competitive and they offer free rotations for the life of the tire (as long as I’m getting some other service done).  Someday I will leave New Hampshire and when I do, I will be hard pressed to replace Gurney’s 🙁


Yelp Review *****
December 3, 2014

My lifelong mechanic recently passed away and I was at a loss as to where to switch my service to. Gurney’s met all of my criteria for an excellent repair shop: fair prices, quick service, open communication between the mechanics and the customer. They contacted me at every step of the process to let me know how things were going and an estimate for completion.

Additionally–their rewards program is a great idea for any mechanic. My last set of repairs left me with $75 credit to use on another visit. Makes the cost of repairs a lot easier when you get some of it back!

Charles .M

Google Review *****
August 19, 2014

Always a pleasure to do business with Gurneys. Friendly, efficient, honestly helpful (and honest) people across the board. Having a car repair company I trust has provided peace of mind for over 20 years. They know us: that we keep our cars a long time and, thus, depending on the age of the car, they recommend what will last based on the life of the car so we don’t end up paying more than we need to at the back end of ownership. I know they look out for my safety in their approach to always providing a checklist/snapshot of how everything is doing each time they take care of our cars. Knowing I can pick up the phone and call with a question about an issue with the car (even when I’m traveling in Albany, NY!!!) means a lot. Bill Gurney’s “can-do with a smile” attitude is reflected in his entire operation. Our family wouldn’t go anywhere else. Carole Flynn

Auto Repair in Nashua, NH
November 27, 2013

When looking for auto repair in Nashua, NH, doesn’t it make sense to trust your vehicle to a business as well respected and experienced as Gurney’s Automotive? We weren’t voted Nashua’s #1 automotive service 7 years in a row for nothing. No, our commitment to quality work and outstanding customer service made us what we are today. We’re the automotive repair shop that implements the OTC guarantee. The Other side of The Counter guarantee; which means that we ask ourselves how we’d like to be treated if we were on the other side of the proverbial automotive counter. We know that you have a great deal of options when looking for a good mechanic in Nashua, so we go as far as possible to prove our exceptional work ethic and customer service to every vehicle owner we see come through our garage.

Treating you the way we’d like to be treated

We know that your vehicle isn’t just an apparatus to bring you from point A to B. A great deal of what driving is all about is very personal. Whether your vehicle is a testament to your family’s safety or to your business, we specialize in keep it up to snuff with regular maintenance. Our vehicles are extensions of ourselves. If they’re underperforming, then most likely, we’ll be underperforming as well. If you can’t get the kids to school, get to the job site on time, or can’t get to work on time because of your vehicle’s poor performance, we know how unbelievably frustrating and taxing that can be on you.

That’s why regular maintenance is of vital importance when it comes to your vehicle. Since 1985, Gurney’s Automotive has been in the business of providing quality maintenance regarding auto repair in Nashua, NH and regularly specializes in oil changes, tire rotations, safety inspection, and all aspects of auto repair in NH.

Let us prove to you our commitment to quality vehicle maintenance and customer service by calling us today at: (603)-886-5800

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