Automotive Detailing

What is Auto Detailing?

Many people believe auto detailing is a luxury, and is often overlooked as a part of routine maintenance. Just like rotating your tires and changing your oil, taking necessary steps to maintain your vehicle’s exterior health is important. Having your car washed and waxed every three months will keep your paint in great condition, and will protect it from harmful UV rays, salt, acid rain, tar, etc. which can cause oxidation and potential rust.

Automotive Detailing NH

At Gurneys, we know life is fast paced; meetings, deadlines, kids to practice and dinner on the go can take a toll on your car’s interior. Taking care of the interior of your car is no different than the exterior. Stains in your carpet, floor mats and seats can make your car look weathered, while spills can sit for a while and go unnoticed. Nothing beats the feeling of a brand new car. Reignite that feeling with a detail.

By having your car detailed a few times per year, you can greatly increase the resale value of your car. On average, an interior and exterior detail can boost the resale value by 10% to 15%.

Basic EXTERIOR Cleaning:

  • Complete hand wash and chamois dry, preventing water spots
  • Wheels and tires cleaned, removing brake dust
  • Tires dressed with a high quality silicone treatment for a dark gloss
  • Exterior windows cleaned and streak free

Starting at $49*

Basic INTERIOR Cleaning:

  • Vacuum of carpets, floor mats, and seats
  • Dash and center console wiped down free of dirt and dust
  • Interior windows cleaned and streak free

Starting at $49*

Complete EXTERIOR Cleaning:

  • Basic Exterior Cleaning
  • Door jambs, including rear hatch and engine bay, cleaned and degreased
  • Full machine polish and wax applied by buffer*
    • Addresses light scratches, paint oxidation, and acid rain correction
    • Restores and revitalizes paint

Starting at $109*

Complete INTERIOR Cleaning:

  • Basic Interior cleaning
  • Carpets, floor mats, and cloth seats cleaned by hot water extraction
  • All plastics cleaned and conditioned
  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned
  • Trunk vacuumed

Starting at $119*


Car Detailing NH

The Cream of the Crop!

Complete EXTERIOR Detail & Complete INTERIOR Detail PLUS...

  • Bug and tar removed from paint
  • Clay bar treatment-removes the contaminants embedded into clear coat
  • Complete air purge and vacuum, including trunk
  • Headliner cleaned and stains removed
  • Carpets shampooed
  • Paint sealant applied with buffer – extra-long lasting and penetrating. Preserves shine and protects paint longer than wax

8-10 Hours

Cars starting at $329
Midsize SUVs at $379
Trucks, minivans and SUVs starting at $429
Extra-large trucks and SUVs starting at $499

The Gurney’s Automotive Clean Car Club

Sign up for our comprehensive detail program - Gurney's Automotive Clean Car Club, and you will enjoy discounted pricing while taking exceptional care of your car all year long.

The Clean Car Club Monthly Schedule:†††

Month 1: Initial detail bundle at regular price.**

Months 2-6: Monthly maintenance cleanings including basic interior with an external wash. $20.00 off basic interior price.††

Month 7: Detail bundle 15% off regular price.**

Months 8-12: Monthly maintenance cleanings including a basic interior with an external wash. $20.00 off basic interior price. ††


*Highly recommended every 3-4 months to prolong and protect the life of your vehicle’s paint. †Prices are an estimate only. Please remove personal belongings and trash to avoid a surcharge. Excessive pet hair, stains, heavy smoking, as well as larger and older vehicles will be priced accordingly.
**Must adhere to the monthly schedule or service will be full price. 15% discounts applies to all future detail bundles as long as the monthly maintenance schedule is sustained.
††Monthly maintenance prices do not include extra services.
†††Prices are an estimate only. Vehicle needs to be seen to receive an exact price quote.

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