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Auto repair in NH is not just related to the mechanical functions of your vehicle. It can also refer to the aesthetic damage that occurs when elements like the exterior. Paint loss can be an eye sore compared to mechanical malfunctions. You want your car to look and run at its best at all times. […]

We all want to find ways to save money at the pump. For many of us, that means we use the lowest grade unleaded gasoline if our car can handle it. While this is the cheapest option, it is important that you consider the needs of your vehicle over the needs of your wallet. Your […]

This odd state law post is the final installation of the foreign driving legislation that the DMV found from various states in the country. The important thing to remember about these statutes is that while some seem to replace common sense, not all of these laws get enforced. Some laws are there and just forgotten. […]

We are back. If you can make it, there is always time for road trips, and it is important that you can follow the rules for each state. Many random laws remain on the books because it is cheaper to keep them on and not enforce them than it is to try to remove them. […]

Through years of providing auto repair in Nashua, NH, we all have heard of the strange laws like not allowing cattle to graze on the common on Sundays, but what about driving laws? The DMV is the bane of everybody’s existence, especially if you have waited there. We hear the horrors of the lines and […]

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