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Since we use them just about every day and rely on them consistently, it can be easy to take your tires for granted. Compared to how visible and noticeable engine malfunctions are, assessing whether you need new tires or not is a bit more difficult since they are lower to the ground. Still, knowing the […]

Finding a quality shop to repair your vehicle is always convenient. It offers plenty of benefits, especially when the shop offers more than simple repair. Gurney’s Automotive takes pride in offering more than simple auto repair in Nashua, NH, and we love helping our customers. The following are a few ways we assist our customers […]

As time and technology expand in our homes, it also expands to our vehicles. In many newer cars, many safety features provide innovations such as backup cameras/sensors and Bluetooth technology. Tire pressure usually gets checked at every fill-up before technological sensors came around. Today, tires in Nashua have TPMS gauges installed in many newer cars […]

The cooling system in your car is essential, especially during summer or winter. The system relies on fluids to help it function well. It is easy to tell if your cooling system isn’t up to par. However, it is always a good idea to have it checked by your mechanic in Nashua at any time […]

When it comes to safety in your vehicle, your headlights are critical. These are a necessity during nights, and it is important that they work. They are essential to your safety and the safety of those around you. They allow you to see the road while letting others know that you are there, which makes […]

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